Wednesday, November 23, 2016

From Rosey at RDW Creations LLC: Thanks for Giving! Check out what we've been up to! via @RdwCreations

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EVERY BLESSING COUNTS!Check out what we've been up to! 
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RDW Creations is sincere about cultivating creative ways that strengthen #literacy skills in our community! Every youth, particularly those with hidden barriers, should never be overlookedwhen it comes to learning. We are thankful for every opportunty we are given to contribute to this cause. As leaders and members of the community, we are all charged to provide and create endless learning opportunities, that will ensure EVERY YOUTH is able to read, write and communicate efficiently! Check out our video above to see our personalzied illustration of "literacy in motion"!  

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Started from the Bottom...


Do you the story behind this face? Sometimes we judge people by what we see, but what about those things unseen or unheard? The Pope Francis Center  has been a safe haven for many of the "unseen" faces of homelessness, including for the founder of RDW Creations, Rosey Denise White.  The Pope Francis Center was gracious to include a portion of Rosey's story in their annual report. This report also highlights the overall mission of The Pope Francis Center, homeless resources and more! To view the full report and learn more of Rosey's story please click below.   


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Youth Game Day


Our youth had a blast during Youth Game Day Rounds 1 and 2! A huge thanks to both Jo Ann Mannino of the Detroit Public Library Jefferson Branch and Sianee Hawkins at the Detroit Public Library Skillman Branch for allowing us to host this event at their facilitiy!




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