Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wear Your Crown... new book coming from @EddieConnorJr #MichiLit #MotownLit #MotownWriters

Wear Your Crown...

I can't tell you how excited I am about my NEW book, Dear Queen. This book contains my most powerful message to date...and it's very simple:
You need to wear your crown, like your life depends on it—because it does—if you truly want a life of peace and fulfillment.
You can pre-order the book now and be one of the first to get it, once it's released on February 1st.
I get real personal and in-depth with this book. You will explore places of struggle and strength...vulnerability and victory:

* Struggling with self-esteem and identity
* Barely graduating from high school
* Battling a diagnosis of stage four cancer
* Facing fear and depression
* Growing up in a divorced family
* Being told that I wasn't good enough

I use these uncomfortable moments to explain my core principles and teach you what it means, to walk in your royal identity.

This includes:

* Learning how to love yourself
* Transforming lessons into blessings
* Discovering your royal identity
* Finding faith in the face of doubt
* Building your business and brand for success
* Transforming obstacles into opportunities
* How to use your gifts to create pathways for greatness
* The attributes of real love in action
* Becoming a magnet for love and success
* Letting go of the past and people who weigh you down
* Getting rid of toxic relationships
* Taking responsibility in the face of adversity

At the heart of Dear Queen is invaluable wisdom and life lessons. This book contains jewels of wisdom, for loving yourself and knowing your worth. As you read, you will know your value in a greater way. Your value doesn't begin on the outside, it comes from the inside.
Life is an incredible journey. It's not good enough to exist—you need to live. This book will empower you to live with purpose, on purpose, and for a purpose. Click the buttons below to share with your network and community. Use the hashtag #DearQueen when posting on social media.

                                     Pre-Order Dear Queen Now

Dr. Eddie


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