Friday, March 23, 2018

#Motownwriters: Check out DETROIT HUSTLE & GRIND BOOK FAIR; MAY19th. via @detroitauthor #Readers #Authors Invited!

Located on the mid-east side of Detroit, this sure to be epic event will be held in two locations. The "HUSTLE" will kick off at the CG Community Center ( 2326 East Seven Mile). Authors will be able to sell their books from 12pm until 6pm. 
 And if that's not enough time to introduce your masterpieces to countless readers, library reps, and book clubs; we've added the "GRIND".
That will be held at Hood Book Headquarters (2407 East Seven Mile) from 6pm until 12am. 
So yes...that's a total of 12 SOLID HOURS of Detroit Hustle & Grind time bookselling! 
Contact for more information!

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