Friday, September 14, 2018

#Booktoberfest @LiteratiBkstore ‏

"Booktoberfest" happened Sept. 8th, 2018 Literati Bookstore
And we hope they have this again! 


Booktoberfest is the literary awakening Ann Arbor needs

I would never move to a city without ensuring that there was an independent bookstore within walking distance first. A community without a bookstore is akin to a chest without a beating heart. Unable to function, unable to exist, without life. A bookstore is the type of place that makes a community feel like a home. It is impossible to imagine a perfectly functioning city without at least the option to walk a bit and find perfect solace between the lines of a good book. It comes down to storytelling –– the sweetness of it, the grittiness of it, the heartbreak of it and the necessity of it. We would not be much without stories. Our homes would not be much without stories. Our cities, our highrises, our public parks, our 9-to-5 jobs and our family rooms would not be much without stories. Our lives need independent bookstores. Our lives need books. 

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