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Your dreams are as realistic as the work you’re willing to put in.
Are you putting in the work needed to achieve your writing goals? Are you sitting down and facing the blank page? If not, what do you need to do to change that?
After exhaustion comes creativity.
Writing isn't easy. After you're exhausted, after you've survived the first draft and made it to THE END, that is when the real spark of creativity starts to burn.
So let yourself find creative exhaustion. Your work will be better for it.
Let your learning lead to action.
Mimic writers who are where you want to be. Write like yourself, but learn from their hard work. Set goals: word counts and deadlines. Reverse engineer what your heroes did to get where they are. Identify replicable steps and practice them as often as you can.
Our dreams start to feel real the moment we start to work on them.
Progress is a magic trick that wills us to keep going. Writing is a solitary endeavor and is more manageable in community. If you're looking for a community that will hold you accountable for your dreams, we think you'll like Writing Workshops Detroit. There is a place for you and your work in one of our upcoming classes.
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FINISH YOUR BOOK! Do you feel like you can never find the time to write? Have you been chipping away at the same manuscript forever without much progress? Do you need a system that can get you to typing “The End” with success and satisfaction? Wrangling a fickle muse to meet a deadline—or just to get rid of that looming blank page—is a life-skill for everyone who wants to get serious about their writing. Allie Pleiter, the bestselling author of over 40 books, shares the nuts and bolts of how to manage your muse. You'll learn how to set goals and deadlines that reflect your personal writing style and speed--and smart ways to get faster when you need it. Join the thousands of other writers who have mastered the writing process using Pleiter's popular Chunky Method. With a useful mix of the practical, the inspirational, and the nitty-gritty real life of it all, this workshop gives aspiring or working writers the tools they need to make the magic happen.
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Many of us have a story about ourselves-- our homes, our families--that we're burning to explore; those "moments big as years" Keats wrote of that we often return to, compelled to share. In this class, writers will work on long-form projects exploring their experiences, whether sculpting the first draft of a memoir, digging into a revision, or developing a linked collection of personal essays. Topics will include developing- and maintaining- a writing practice, striking the balance of scene and summary, and developing a vivid and authentic voice.
8-Week Intro to Memoir
This mixed levels workshop for short story writers and novelists offers a supportive, enthusiastic community for exchanging stories and ideas. Together, we'll explore the craft of fiction, read great writing, and support each other in a workshop centered on constructive critique. We will explore techniques such as narrative voice, place, character development, and plot. Each writer will have two opportunities to workshop up to 25 pages and receive typed commentary from the instructor and peers. No prior experience in fiction is required, but courage is highly recommended.
8-Week Mixed Levels Fiction
A great story can really pass the time--for the reader, and for its characters. Artful pacing can stretch an hour into an entire chapter or jump from one year to the next in the span of a single paragraph. When it's successful, we barely notice that we've been fast-forwarded or sent back in time. When it's not, we feel jarred--and cheated. If you’re a new or practicing fiction writer who'd like to embark on an intensive study of the narrative time machine, this clinic-style workshop will help you hustle when you need to and hold the important notes when you want to. We'll use short stories and novel excerpts to inform our craft. No text is required; all readings will be provided by the instructor. 
4-Week Pacing & the Narrative Arc
In this 8-week course for screenwriting novices, the student will receive a comprehensive overview of the basics of screenwriting, and will leave the class with the skills needed to confidently begin the process of outlining and writing an original screenplay. Primarily lecture-based, each week we will cover/review topics that the student will have read about in the assigned readings.
8-Week Intro to Screenwriting
This 8-week course will take students beyond the fundamentals of screenwriting to examine complex and archetypal characters, character arcs, building tension through your acts, and the four throughlines essential to every successful screenplay. In addition, we will delve deeper into three act structure and the techniques needed to strengthen your story.
8-Week Intermediate Screenwriting
Have you always dreamed of making comics? This 8-week course will address the fundamentals of writing for comics, covering aspects unique to the medium such as the importance of page turns, the advantages and pitfalls of captions, working with an artist, and more. We will also cover the increasing number of options for publishing your story and resources for finding the right team to bring your story to life.
8-Week Graphic Novel & Comics
Apply for Writing Workshops Paris by March 15th and study in the heart of literary Paris with award-winning New York Timescolumnist DIANA SPECHLER (GQ, Harper's, Esquire, Tin House, Paris Review) and 2018 National Book Award finalist BRANDON HOBSON. Learn more at the Writing Workshops Paris website.
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We're proud of our students and you can read some of their Testimonials to see what they have to say about us. And: we'd love to be part of your writing journey as well!
Feel free to respond to this email with any questions you might have. We hope to see you in class this spring!
Happy Writing!
Blake Kimzey
Executive Director, Writing Workshops Detroit
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