Friday, November 15, 2019

New message from your USA :: Michigan :: Detroit Municipal Liaison, EBuff75

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New message from your USA :: Michigan :: Detroit Municipal Liaison, EBuff75

Hello NaNoWriMoTown!

As hard as it might be to believe, we're halfway through the month! Whether you've only written 50 words, or if you've already written 50,000, there's still fifteen more days to go. Plenty of time to at least double whatever wordcount you've achieved so far.

To help with that, we have several great events coming up. Our annual Motown Midway Madness event is coming up tomorrow, staring at 10:30 in the morning and going until 4:30 in the afternoon. Come join us at the Arcadia Collective, 1888 Thunderbird St, Troy, MI 48084 for food, camaraderie, and writing! This location is in an industrial park area, so we'll have some signs up at the building just so you know you've got the right place.

The Boot Camp and One Last Push events are coming up in a few weeks as well. Check out our Events tab on the NaNoWriMo Detroit Region page for more details on these.

And don't forget to check the master list of Write-Ins to find all the other places to meet up throughout the month. The only day that doesn't have at least one write-in going on is Thanksgiving. We're nice people, so we'll let you take a day to relax a bit and eat too much food! Just make sure to get back to writing again once you're done - there are no cheat days with NaNo!

Your always-behind-on-his-wordcount-until-the-last-minute ML,


PS:  Go team Hot Air Balloons! 

ML, Detroit Region

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