Thursday, February 13, 2020

­čÄžEpisode 23: The Truth About Social Media via @pamperrypr

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Social media can help you build a bigger and better business, but unless you're a fashion model, posting an endless stream of pictures of yourself won't get you there.

If you're working the 'Gram or Facebook every day, but your business isn't growing, it's time to check how you're using social media. Do you post photos of yourself that boost your ego or do you post words, articles, and images that will boost your profits?

To build a digital business, you need to consistently post content that has substance AND that lines up with what you're selling to your clients or customers. Your social media feeds are not about you! Everything you post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn should demonstrate what's in it for them.

The thing is, social media marketing is just the modern way of doing good ol' social networking. As always, it's essential to build trust with our leads and prospects, and now we can use social media to connect with anyone at any time – and from almost anywhere – to meet and greet folks and to nurture those relationships.

And you do that by engaging with people to answer their questions and to share your expertise – add value to the world in your own unique way, and money is sure to follow.

If you've been struggling to get social media to work for you, listen to this episode to hear our social media do's and don'ts, including: what you should and shouldn't be posting on Instagram, how to partner up with journalists and producers, how to connect with your ideal leads and prospects on Facebook without buying a single ad, and why giving more is a straight path to getting more.

And if you feel like your business is stuck and want to know what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong, or what to do next – we're here for you! Schedule a strategy session and we'll audit your online properties and conversate on shaping your sustainable, scalable, and successful business.

TIP! For a complete overview of how to build a digital platform, listen to episodes 2 through 15 of our podcast.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • The people with the biggest social media following don't always make the most money – or any money
  • How a lead from social media becomes a paying customer
  • A message especially for grown men and women about their social media posts
  • Examples of what to do – and not do – to build your business through social media
  • How to use social media to build relationships with partners, leads, and connectors
  • What Pam does and doesn't post on social media – and why
  • Why your social media platforms need to present a consistent message
  • The #1 characteristic of all top social media influencers
  • How social media influencers make money
  • How to work your social network – online and offline
  • Why giving people what they want is the key to getting what you want
  • 3 things that every person who works in the media is looking for
  • The one thing that no one who works in the media is trying to do for you
  • 4 things to do after you're featured online by the media
  • How and why to convince someone in the media that you're on their team
  • Where and how to find customers on Facebook without spending money on ads
  • Why you don't need thousands of followers or subscribers to make good money
  • The problem with putting your articles on Instagram as long posts
  • 3 people who built multimillion-dollar businesses by giving away their expertise
  • Why you need to resolve any personality deficits before you work with social media

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