Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Are You the Next Twisted Storyteller? via @twistedtellers

Are You Our Next Twisted Storyteller?


The #TwistedStorytellerChallenge

Dear Twisted Family, Friends and Supporters,


Everyone has a story to tell! We realize now, more than ever, the importance and power of telling our own stories. Win a chance to tell yours on stage at a Twisted Storytellers event. Post a 2-minute video of your true and personal story on Facebook about a profound experience you've had during COVID-19. For example, before COVID-19 you had a hobby and now you've turned it into a business. You or a family were quarantined or experienced job loss. You had the virus and battled your way back to health. You lost someone important to you to the virus. You graduated, got married, delivered a baby, fell in love. You're an essential worker who spent time away from family serving on the front lines. You marched and protested to create change. Whatever your story is, we want to hear it.

You Must Meet The Following Eligibility Requirements:

  • Videos must be 2 minutes or less (video will be disqualified if over 2 minutes)
  • Post story on your Facebook Page and The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers Facebook page 
  • Use the hashtag #TwistedStorytellerChallenge in your post caption
  • Make your story public and invite others to share it
  • You can post as many stories as you like, as long as they meet the above requirements


Encourage your friends and supporters to like and comment on their favorite stories. Videos of the top three finalists will be shown during our virtual event on Friday, September 18, 2020. After the show, the public will be invited to vote for their favorite story on The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers Facebook Page to decide the winner. Rally your friends and loved ones to support you in telling your story on The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers stage. Break a leg, everybody!


To donate in support of this contest and our live and virtual events, please hit the CLICK TO GIVE button below. Thank you for your continued support and for being an important part of our past, present, and big, bright future!


Tag us on The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers Facebook Page

Use the hashtag #TwistedStorytellerChallenge


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