Saturday, July 16, 2016

Are you Grammatically Incorrect? Find out July22 #Detroit w/@TenitaJEditor #MichLit #MotownLit

Class is in session!

Learn how to write from the editor's point of view from bestselling author, noun nerd and grammar police, Tenita "Bestseller" Johnson!

In this session, you will learn:

Self-editing tips that will save you time and money in the self-publishing process

The top 10 mistakes most self-published authors make

How to choose an editor for your next bestseller

 The cost of editing (and the cost of NOT editing)

And more!

Don't miss your chance to find out how commas can save your sentences and your reputation!

Author's Website:
FB Author Page:
When the Smoke Clears:
100 Words of Encouragement: Tidbits of Inspiration:
100 Words of Encouragement: Driven to Dream:
Grammatically Incorrect: When Commas Save Your Sentences & Your Reputation:
Short bio: What may not matter to most has become a passion for Tenita Johnson, writer and editor extraordinaire. Well-known for transforming others’ thoughts and ideas into written masterpieces, her writing style has catapulted her into a literary success for over 17 years. Her books, including her debut piece, 100 Words of Encouragement: Tidbits of Inspiration have pushed people across the nation to live their best life NOW! Through her business, So It Is Written LLC, she helps authors worldwide successfully complete the publishing process. Tenita resides with her husband and three children in Rochester, MI. Connect with her at 

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