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Issue No. 14.2016
July 18, 2016
20 Master Plots
The adventure plot is an action plot; it is a plot of the body.  In the adventure plot, the focus is the journey itself.  The world loves a good adventure story.  For the hero, it is a going out into the world; for the readers, it is a vicarious adventure to places they're never been.  Adventure is love in strange places.  It is whatever is exotic and strange.  Adventure is doing things we'll probably never do, going to the brink of danger and returning safely.

The protagonist goes in search of fortune, and according to the dictates of adventure, fortune is never found at home, but somewhere over the rainbow.  Since the purpose of the adventure is the journey, it's not important that the hero change in any appreciable way.  What's important is a sense of breathlessness..  The event is always larger than the character.

The world can take many forms.  What's important about the locations is that they are anything but the mundane world we inhabit.  Readers enjoy adventures as much for the places they get to go as for the action that involves the character.  The world may also be an invention such as another planet, a sunken continent or the interior of the planet; or it can be pure imagination.

July Writing Contest:
Creation Simulator 
Visit our website to enter one of our monthly writing contests.  No Entry Fee: Prize: A $25 Visa Gift Card and Publication in our next edition of the Legends Literary Journal!
Howl with the Pack!
We offer several options for writers to gather in person and online.  Here are just two:

Writing With The Pack:Wednesdays, 7-9pm Panera Cafe, Troy, MI  Bring your writing projects and get in two hours of concentrated writing time with like-minded souls. 
The DEN COMMUNITY: The intent of this FREEcommunity is to offer opportunities for writers, new and established, from all over the world, to share, engage, challenge, critique, learn and develop in a supportive network.  We welcome writers of every age, stage and genre.
July Featured Title 
Unlikely Trees is a poetry collection that explores.  It travels on foot, bus, plane, and ship.  Yet, it is through people, places, and things which the poems work to discover the better part of our humanity - faithfulness, love, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, hope and perseverance.  It possesses and image-bearing intensity that often allows for small and common things (like a morning bus ride or a leaf) to become expansive, luminous and transformative; and reduces the seemingly overwhelming to basic elements.

Michael Jones' poems possess a sensibility that is associative and offer a perspective that indulges in the everyday wondrous and miraculous.

$12  Click the cover to read an interactive excerpt and order your copy today! 

A Discussion About Publishing
I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by Erin E. Gray from Michigan State University.  The discussion was centered around an investigation into the publishing process, as well as Independent vs. Traditional publishing approaches.  Below are the questions and answers from that encounter.
What, in your opinion, what characterizes good creative writing?
I think it starts with the partnership of a solid plot and interesting characters.  After that, the way a writer develops the storyline and how they involve the characters in ways that perhaps the reader may not see coming, is the hallmark of great storytelling.  Sometimes we need to enjoy a book for its predictability, because it lends us a sense of security - but that doesn't mean that it needs to be dull.  Also, I think that a reader will suspend his disbelief only to a certain degree, which for me, means that the storylines and characters writers create need to be as recognizable as possible.  Even in science fiction or fantasy genre books where there may be aspects of the story that we have not yet encountered, we still need to feel connectivity to the characters, their actions and motivations.  If a reader turns the page thinking "that would never happen that way" or "I know no one who would say or do that" then the writer has failed in his mission to connect the reader deeply enough for them to become invested in the story.
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