Friday, October 7, 2016

.@PamPerryPr wants you to Shine Online!

I've been called a "social media guru" by Radio One's Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist 
Angelo Henderson - who passed suddenly a day after Valentine's Day two years ago. It 
still breaks my heart. He was an amazing husband, father, man of God - and friend.

I did his show weekly for two years on social media topics. We would take calls on his show
and I would solve social media marketing problems or explain social media in general to a
show that reached 80,000 a week in Detroit. 

I've been a bit shy about doing that again, but that's why I created the Pam Perry Mentoring
program – to be able to share my expertise to a group who are hungry for the information. 

But this month - I want to open up my calendar to 10 people who are interested in having
a "social media audit" with me. For 15 minutes I will review your online presence and tell
you what you need to do to increase your exposure, following and just plain 'ol up-level
your brand. 

Just 10 people. Each will get 15 minutes with me - and I'll give you the direction you 
need to go to the next level. 
Just hit "reply" and we'll send you some open dates to choose. 

Pam Perry
PR & Branding Coach
Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.
PO Box 33011
Farmington, MI 48336
United States


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