Monday, August 21, 2017

Ready. Set. Go! via Rosey @RdwCreations LLC

Ready. Set. Go! 

Sharpen Your Pencils - Our VISION Is in Session

Be Creative. Be INSPIRED!


We recently visted with students from the City of Detroit Parks and Recreation Summer Fun Program, at Henry Ford Academy in Detroit.Our goals were to:

1. Encourage the youth.

2. Demonstrate the importance of       dream building.

3. Explain how literacy is an         essential tool needed to achieve any life goal. 


It is important to keep in mind that both youth and adults visionaries can make use of images + words to help make their goals a reality.


Be Creative...What does your vision of literacy look like in your community?


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Building Better Men

The B2M program is a male leadership and mentoring program geared to helping develop young men in greater Detroit. Click below to see how this program can be implented in your school or lifeskills program.

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Where is

The Richest Place on Earth?


Here at RDW Creations, our VISION is to help empower people from all walks by providing literacy skills that everyday people need to succeed. As a published author and founder of a thriving

start-up, there are times when I'm UP , and other times when a downward spiral almost makes me almost want to give up...almost. Yet, despite whatever challenges I face, instead of throwing in the towel, I choose to re-think my ideas. I keep reaching. I keep retooling. I keep moving forward!


Our passion of reshaping literacy in this city keeps me alive! This is the driving force behind building a legacy that will live on and through the lives others forever.  


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