Monday, January 14, 2019

We Need Your Help to Find the Next Great Michigan Notable Book via @LibraryofMich #michiganwriters #motownwriters #mittenlit #michlit

We Need Your Help to Find the Next Great Michigan Notable Book

Tim Gleisner

by Tim Gleisner, Special Collections Manager, LM

In the last Dispatch article, I told you that the Library of Michigan collects Michigan. Not only do we collect books on the state, but every year we choose the best Michigan books. Every year since 1991, a committee of LM staff, booksellers, librarians, and writers from across the state sit down once a month to debate and haggle as to the next set of Michigan Notable Books (MNB). For the final half of the year it is this committee of 13 people who will be reading numerous titles to determine which 20 truly exemplify the best of the best from Michigan this year.
So far there have been more than 180 titles requested from various authors and publishers. At this time, we have received multiple copies of nearly 90 titles. Each title focuses on Michigan topics, or has an author who has a connection to the Great Lakes State. With so much that is being published about Michigan it is hard to keep track of it all. Perhaps that next great Michigan title is lurking out there and it has fallen through the cracks? Staff and committee members are diligently keeping their eyes and ears open to any potential title that is out there - combing catalogs, bookstore aisles, and online sources for new candidates.
The problem is that there are only so many staff and committee members to go around. The MNB selection committee is only has 13 members. Yet there are 10 million people in our state, 83 counties, and numerous communities. So many local stories being published and too few eyes to find and read them.
That is where we need your help. If you happen on that next potential MNB, email and provide the author, title, and the publisher.
With your help we will find that next MNB.

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