Friday, September 13, 2019

How to monetize your blog @ #MotownWriter @meetup @detroitLibrary Sat., Sept14th 10am w/Authors, Hasani Ali & Shelbie Ali

Bio: Both Shelbie and Hasani Ali became authors and relationship coaches through The Aboriginal Republic of North America. They have survived . The Ali's share their experiences with infidelity, depression, and parenthood help inspire families to be dynamic, passionate, and purposeful. 

Their company, Twin Flame Coalition, have spoken for Google, Central Michigan University, University of Michigan, and frequent guests on the A List Jams Radio. 

Shelbie and Hasani specialize in developing happy relationships from a spiritual and health perspective. Their primary goal is to eliminate toxic behaviors from relationships. 


#MotownWriters Meeting Topic: In this meeting we will talk about how to monetize your blog. We have used our blog to promote book sales, course, and coaching programs. It's a myth that you have to be a best seller to make money as a writer. Blogs not only keep your writing skills sharp, it builds your brand as a writer and keeps effortless income flowing your way. The best part is as long as you wake up everyday there is always something to write about.

Hasani Ali & Shelbie Ali

"We eliminate toxic behavior from relationships"



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