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Episode 16: Let’s Level Up Your Digital Marketing in 2020! – Part 1 via @pamperrypr

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In this episode, we talk about simple yet powerful actions to level up your digital marketing in 2020.

As always, we apply old-school, tried-and-true marketing principles to this new world of online digital business for dependable, scalable results.

While tools and technology constantly change, the essentials of business remain the same. No matter what you're selling or how you sell it, consistency, clarity, and customer-focus are the three keys to powerful digital marketing.

Nowadays, that includes pumping up your email signature, optimizing your video tags and descriptions, placing your subscriber opt-in where it will do the most good, following up on all those questions and comments that appear on social media and in your inbox, and always, always, always having SEO in mind.

If you want more customers, more clients, and more money, then listen in for exactly what to do – and what to do more of – in the years ahead.

Get ready for 2020, y'all!

Got a question? Send it in and we'll share the answer in an upcoming episode.

And if your digital business didn't reach its earning goals in 2019, get clarity and guidance on exactly what to do to overcome the marketing and branding challenges you're experiencing in your business.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • 5 ways to optimize your videos and send more traffic to your website
  • 3 places to add your website address and call to action to your videos
  • If you're going to do something extra with your videos, be sure to also do this
  • 6 video editing apps for your phone and computer, including Pam's favorite
  • Use this clever trick to get links to your website whenever your videos are shared
  • How to prevent random videos from playing after your video ends
  • Why it's so important to take control of your video's tags, title, and description
  • Protect your most valuable marketing asset with this simple monthly task
  • The difference between cold leads, warm leads, and hot leads in email marketing
  • A real-life example of how your email list can bring in money
  • How to optimize your opt-in form so more people will subscribe
  • The whole point of getting people on your email list
  • Why doing what Oprah is doing won't get you what Oprah is getting (hint: it's all about the brand)
  • The truth about the lies people tell on social media – don't believe the hype!
  • How people fake their wealth, popularity, and weight loss on social media
  • How much money someone makes isn't as important as their ____ and ____.
  • Why it's essential that you focus on follow-up in 2020 – don't post and ghost!
  • Two more places to find warm leads
  • How quickly you should follow up with people who comment or ask questions
  • What to do (and what not to do) with the business cards you collect at live events
  • Why sending old-school thank you notes is worth doing, now more than ever

Pam & Vernita
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