Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Twisted Storytellers Are Going GOAL Digging -- And We Need Your Support @twistedtellers


The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers® is creating a whole new generation of storytellers and story listeners.


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Ending One Era, Staring One New


With the New Year comes New Goals! On this Giving Tuesday, 2019, we are excited to share our goals for the coming year plus ways you can get involved and show your support.


Top 3 Goals for the coming year:


Expand our Mission:


We have a global mission to connect humanity, heal and transform community. Our mission is achieved through live storytelling events, workshops that provide story direction and coaching to individuals, organizations, businesses and educational institutions. In the coming year we are designing programs for organizations across the country and in cities around the globe. This includes partnerships with multi-media platforms to expand our work from stage to multi-camera, global live-streaming platforms.


Empower Others:


In 2019, we presented over a dozen storytelling workshops to organizations, corporations and individuals. We helped to craft over 200 stories and programmed special live events. We want to increase that number significantly. With your support we will continue to empower communities by developing storytellers and story listeners through the art and craft of storytelling.


Create Community and Change the World:


"The moment a story is told it draws us to our shared humanity. Sharing stories makes community possible. People experience being seen, heard and accepted. There is an immediate sense of belonging." – Satori Shakoor. After storytellers grace our stage, they take a bow—but the story doesn't end there. Their stories are shared via social media platforms where they can influence change and inspire a call to action. In 2020, we want to connect with leaders of the world—lawmakers, educators, parents and clergy. We plan to travel to parts of the globe and coach those in positions of influence to inspire positive change through the art and craft of storytelling.


A donation of just $25 will provide a storyteller with the story coaching they need to be successful. $50 will make it possible to facilitate a small workshop. $100 will help support our monthly live events. Your donation of any size will make a meaningful impact. Will you give today and help us reach our goals for 2020?


Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to serving you in the New Year.


Click here to donate today!


With our thanks,

The Twisted Storytellers Team 

The Society for the Re-Institutionalization of STORYTELLING


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