Friday, February 19, 2016

Fwd: A World Full of Noise!

A World Full of Noise! 
How do you encourage people to become interested in community building and cultivating the lives of others?  It is a MUCH NEEDED task in a world too busy being saturated with noise! Afterall, who doesn't enjoy a little babble every now and then? Small talk is entertaining but it also keeps us attached to the mundane things in life. It does nothing to forwardprogress, GROW minds or touch the  of people who need it most.

Our Human Library Project is our way of drowning out some of this NOISE.  It is a three month (Februrary, March and April) interactive and educational event beginning on
Monday Febraury 22nd at  the

This event is the FIRST of its' kind in Detroit and is designed to help drive the focus onto things that matter most:
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Event details 
COMING SOON!! Stay Tuned! A Future Location!Public Computer Workshops!A Summer Book Signing Event! 
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