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Authors- Write a Better Book, Faster Than You Imagined

Hi Sylvia,
Scott Lorenz of Westwind Book Marketing.

Would You Like to Write a Better Book, Faster Than You Imagined?

Remember the old 1970’s TV series, the Six Million Dollar Man?

Lee Majors played an astronaut who nearly died when his test aircraft crashed, only to have a secret government agency rebuild him as the “bionic man” with artificial limbs capable of running 60 miles an hour, lifting one-ton loads and seeing long distances with his new telescopic vision.

Just imagine if you could become a “bionic author” and write a better book, in a fraction of the time it takes most ordinary authors?

And imagine if you could also get a much bigger advance from your publisher while also creating a book that makes a deeper impact on readers?

To discover how, join Steve Harrison on Thursday, May 5th for a free teleseminar on “Bionic Book Writing,” on which he’ll be joined by a veteran New York publishing house editor who’s been behind 17 bestselling non-fiction titles.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover on Thursday’s free teleseminar:

Getting to the Starting Line With the Right Shoes – most authors don’t really know how to get started.  Worse, they waste a lot of time by starting off in the wrong direction.  So when the gun goes off, they’re still stuck.  Or they begin the race, but ultimately drop out.  We’ll show you how to get started the right way so you’re sure to finish in record time.

The 5X Writing Process – how to write a good book, five times faster.

Your Publishing Personality – how you prepare and write your book will depend upon your own personality.  We’ll show you how to figure out which publishing personality you have and how to use it to write your book faster.

4 Ways to Make Your Book More Mediagenic -- There are specific things you can and should be doing to make your book more appealing to radio, TV, print media, bloggers and social media channels. But most authors have no clue that these techniques even exist. 

Avoiding the Agony – Ever reach moments when you feel stuck or confused while writing your book?   Ever think “OMG!  How am I ever going to write an entire book!  We’ll show you what to do when you feel that way so that you can keep writing without the pain.

Boosting Your Book to Bestseller Status – Most authors don’t even think about how they’re going to market their book until AFTER it’s written.  But smart authors intentionally include certain “boosters” in their book that help them achieve bestseller status.  We’ll show you how just one specific page in your book can boost your book’s bestseller potential. 

Coming Up With Titles.  Two proven techniques for creating a great title.

The Promise – a little known “promise” to include in your books introduction that can help you sell a lot more copies.

How to land a deal with a major publisher.  Debby, the publishing insider who will join Steve for this call worked at two major publishing houses in New York. She’s been on the other side of the table as an editor being pitched all kinds of book proposals.  She’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t and how you can become an author published by a major house.

Want to get celebrity endorsements?  You’ll discover a proven technique for contacting famous people and securing an endorsement for your book.


Go here now to register for Thursday’s teleseminar on “bionic book writing:”

I know you'll find this training valuable and am thrilled to be a compensated affiliate for Steve's company.

Good luck!

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