Wednesday, June 8, 2016

3 More Paid Publishing Opportunities For Writers posted at #MotownWriters 6/8/2016

Paid Publishing Opportunities For Writers 

4 Publishers that Pay $100+ for Essays

These publishers are seeking submissions of essays on a wide variety of topics.

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7 Eco-Friendly Travel Magazines that Pay Writers 

A variety of travel magazines that pay freelance writers.


8 Podcasts that Pay Writers for Stories

These podcasts pay writers for the right to record and broadcast their stories.

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Jacob Jans 

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Get Your Book Published: 10 Authors. 10 True Stories.

81 traditional book publishers that accept submissions directly from authors. No agent required.

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Free eBook: 10 Ways to Get Your Book Published.

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  2. 5 Magazines that Pay $400 Per Article
    The following is a list of magazines that pay writers $400 an article. None of these magazines charge submission fees. All of them explicitly state that they pay their writers, and are transparent about their pay rates. I've linked to the submission guidelines page for each magazine, so you can learn more. The list is... Keep reading...

  3. 7 Websites that Pay Writers $100 or More Per Article.
    The following is a list of websites that pay writers $100, or more, for articles. Included is a wide variety of websites that cover many topics. Keep in mind that payment rates are not set in stone, and will often need to be negotiated with the publisher. If you want to get established as a... Keep reading...

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