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Three tools I love from Write. Publish. Profit. ✨


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As you may know, the "Write. Publish. Profit." bundle is a curated collection of 47 epic tools and resources designed to help writers hone their craft, learn proven strategies for launching and marketing their books, grow their author platforms, and accelerate book sales.
Worth over $5,000 in total, this bundle is available for only $49 until this Tuesday, June 18th at 11:59pm Eastern.
Take me to Write. Publish. Profit.
I purchased the bundle for myself earlier this week, and I'm already benefiting from many of the tools and resources included. Today, I'd love to share with you the resources I'm most excited to explore as I prepare to launch my first book, Build Your Best Writing Life, later this year.

1) Book Sales Pages — an e-course by Angela J. Ford ($97)

If you want to sell books, you can't just upload your project to Amazon and hope for the best. By creating a book sales page, you'll build a powerful homebase for all your online book marketing efforts, helping you attract and maintain the readers who are most likely to adore your books.
In this e-course, Angela J. Ford and Bradley Charbonneau share everything authors need to know about the whyand how of building successful book sales pages — information I plan to eagerly consume as I prepare to share Build Your Best Writing Life with the world later this year. 

2) The Seven P's of Publishing Success — a digital bundle by Mark Leslie Lefebvre ($29.98)

Mark draws upon over 30 years of writing, publishing, and bookselling experience to share the fundamental stepping stones to publishing success in this ebook, audiobook, and video tutorial (a bundle that can't be found anywhere else online).
I love listening to Mark's guest appearances on The Creative Penn podcast and can't wait to start learning from his knowledge and experience as a writing industry professional.

3) The Bulletproof Bestseller Launch — an e-course by LaunchTeam ($697)

Having never before launched a book, I find the process more than a little intimidating. Thankfully, LaunchTeam designed this epic e-course to demystify the process step by step.
To be specific, this e-course teaches authors how to hit #1 bestseller status in a relevant category on Amazon, rank in the top 5,000 books on the entire Amazon platform, generate thousands of book sales, and accumulate 20, 50, or even 100 positive reviews within the first week of their launch.
All I can say is "Yes, please!". Eager to join in?
Take me to Write. Publish. Profit.

Not yet interested in publishing or marketing?

No worries. There are dozens of amazing resources in the "Write. Publish. Profit." bundle that tackle the craft rather than the business, including:
  • The Pre-Write Project — a PDF workbook by yours truly ($12)
  • The Productive Writer — an e-course by Nina Amir ($197)
  • Fast-Draft Your Memoir — an e-book by Rachael Herron ($11.99)
  • Scene Stealer — an e-course by Jordan Rosenfeld ($240)
  • The Story Equation — an e-book by Susan May Warren ($9.99)
  • How to Write Short Romance Kindle Books — an e-book by Nina Harrington ($9.99)
  • Non-Fiction Writing Workshop — an e-course by Steve Alcorn ($299)
  • The Writer's Toolbox — an e-book bundle by C.S. Lakin ($18)
  • The Story Puzzle — an e-course by Dave Wolverton ($199)
Among many more! In total, the "Write. Publish. Profit." bundle contains 47 resources worth over $5,000 that you can snag today for just $49 USD. Yes, really!
Take me to Write. Publish. Profit.

If you're interested in this bundle, please know that I'm an affiliate partner. I'll make a commission on any sales made through one of my links at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting Well-Storied in this way!
(Just a reminder: This sale is only available until Tuesday, June 18th at 11:59pm Eastern.)

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