Monday, March 16, 2020

Do you love raw, real and naked? Crosshatch accepting journal entries #michiganwriters #michlit #motownwriters

Do you love raw, real and naked? There isn't anything more raw, real and naked than a person's personal journal/diary. Most people don't share them with others and I'm passionate about changing this. I'm passionate about taking vulnerability to the next level, by publishing people's personal journals/diaries. Let's be bold and courageous, let's share them!
Crosshatch Publishing is currently accepting submissions of personal journal entries.
I feel so called to this. I have been fascinated by my own journaling for a decade now because I love experiencing insights, growth and transformation. I know there are others out there who feel the same way about their lives and their journaling.
The definition of crosshatch is to mark with two series of parallel lines that intersect. I see this design visually in my mind as a representation of the connection between the journal writer and the reader. I would LOVE to connect people through our shared humanity and through our personal journals.
Please share this information with your email list. Thank you!
Have a beautiful day!

Thanks in advance,
Sarai E. Phegley

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