Thursday, November 29, 2018

An Important Message from Gionni Crawford, Blackbird Literacy @blackbird_lit #literacy #detroit #motownwriters #michiganwriters


My name is Gionni Crawford. I was born and raised in Detroit— on the East side right along Eight Mile Road. Living on Eight Mile prepared me for more than I imagined. Fresh food and education were more accessible in the suburbs north of Eight Mile. That's why I believe in the important work that Blackbird Literacy is doing to combat illiteracy in Detroit.

As a young man, I remember watching my favorite community center, libraries, or schools either close programs or completely shut down. But I never found free books there anyway.

There is nothing like owning a book: you can fold the corners, create notes in whatever color you want, and most importantly, you don't feel the need to rush through the chapters to return the book by the library deadline.

Promoting this type of literacy is what bridges the gap. It combats a stigma that Detroiters navigate no matter where we go. This stigma discourages folks to seek help, especially if it's not accessible. An inadequate education has a significant impact on our ability to generate wealth for our families. So the cycle continues without programs such as Blackbird Literacy.

Blackbird's book popups and giveaways allow a community to be formed—not just for book nerds, but for parents, students and leaders alike.

I believe access to books allows young people to be at their most creative. This inspires the next generation of writers and leaders. I am excited to be a part of Blackbird Literacy and help shape the future of Detroit through easy access to literature.

Please consider supporting Blackbird Literacy with a financial or book contribution today. 

Thank you.

Gionni Crawford

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