Friday, November 30, 2018

From: @BookstoreTruth Tomorrow!!!!! Back by Popular Demand! #Detroit #literacy #Bookstore

Looking for a Christmas Gift? Buy a Book!

Back by popular demand, we are being featured at Northwest Activities Center in Detroit on 18100 Meyers Rd every Saturday till the end of the year!!!

Starting tomorrow on December 1st, 2018!! 

So come out and show your support for Truth Bookstore!

           Thanks to your outstanding support throughout the years, the name "TRUTH BOOKSTORE" has gone beyond books, and has become the "Go to Store" for cultural art, art exhibits, gifts, collectibles, jewelry, clothing, book signings, poetry reading, lectures, community meetings, Black History Celebrations, Arabic classes, and the list goes on.  In addition, free workshops on " Healthy Eating, Getting Your Money Straight, How to Become Published, and Wills and Estate Planning," just to mention a few, have been an excellent resource for all who attended.  These items and events have been great, but we desire to provide even more. 

          Our goal is to expand our community outreach by creating a neighborhood cultural museum and developing a literacy program inclusive of children and young learner's reading circles.


Help us continue our legacy by showing your support!

Thank You,
Nefertiti Steward

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