Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1. Do you have a valid driver’s license?
Vital information will get out the way if this man is even on paper and will answer your question on whether this man is taking care of business in a small way.
2. Are you currently working? With or without benefits?
Just knowing a man is working, whether he’s a busy legitimate entrepreneur or mopping floors at Burger King, he’s doing something productive and bringing in an income. I know I can go a step further and ask if they are happy with their current job or career, because I’d like the know if he aspires to something more or just happy with the establishment.
3. What is your credit score?
Whether yours is good or not, this is a ruling factor in the conversation. A bad score means he’s going to bring what little you have down and a good score would be good. You want to know where you stand financially. Plus, this is another affirmation about his responsibility.
4. Do you rent or own?
This is another responsibility factor that is very important to know. Plus you have the option of throwing in if he’s living with his parents, roommates, siblings or with another woman. (That’s always important and sometimes left out.)

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