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Stuck inside? Hate Missing our 2nd Saturday #MotownWriters @Meetup? Join us in our Facebook Group

Monday, April 20, 2020

Stuck inside? Hate Missing our 2nd Saturday #MotownWriters @Meetup? Join us in our Facebook Group

The corona virus presents a new normal for children parents can't explain by @Leep4Joy Patrice Lee "It's Just A Circumstance" #motownwriters



Contact:  Shelly

P.O. Box 48172,

Oak Park, MI 48237


The corona virus presents a new normal for children parents can't explain.



In "It's Just A CIRCUMSTANCE!" Patrice Lee helps children adjust to a new normal, and creatively illustrates "circumstances" as a natural part of life. A Reader's Favorite, "It's Just a CIRCUMSTANCE!, demonstrates how children live above negative "circumstances" with gratitude, giving thanks for little things.


A book the whole family will enjoy, "It's Just a "CIRCUMSTANCE!" keeps it real, as children adjust, adapt and pay it forward until things turn around. Sharing valuable life lessons for a happy life. K-4th grade. Self-contained workbook includes vocabulary words, more.


"Thank you for this book, and for what you're doing for families." J.R, Counselor    


"Thank you for "…Circumstance."  My children loved the story and illustrations. I look forward to purchasing more books from you."  L. Gordon, mom


Available now:  {select books} or you may contact us for bulk purchase discounts at


Leep4Joy Books build self-esteem, confidence, and character; improve literacy and language arts skills; give children hope.

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For a limited time Buy 2 Books; Get 1 Free | April 15th thru April 16th | Pass the time with A Little Bit of Sin. #StaySafe

Premise of the story

Synthia is a beauty like no other - not only on the inside but as well on the outside. She's used to men falling over her, but she never made a big deal about her appearance. Accomplished in business, intelligent, with a great sense of style, she's pleased that she can finally get married to a man who she's only content with. Just as she makes good arm candy for him, it's reciprocal for her. Plus after a past incident, she swore she would only allow herself to date well to do professional men who made a legitimate living. Her only fault she could say was her voracious curiosity. And on the day before she knows George is to propose, her best friend puts in her head the one thing she has never
Done: Slept with a guy outside of her race. With her beauty, she can't just find anyone, so she does what any one in her position and wealth would do: She finds a professional. Let's just hope George never finds out what a good time she had.

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Free Book Promotion
 Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 12:00 AM PDTThursday, April 16, 2020, 11:59 PM PDT
Buy Two get one free!


Buy the first and second book of Little Bit of Sin and get the 3rd one free 

Book page 

Book One 

Book Two 

Book Three 


Read as I Write a #suspenseromance. Catch up with hundreds of readers now in the #livestory #HeTouchedMe

Click here to start reading:
#HeTouchedMe - Chapter Eight #amwriting #amreading #sylLit

Just joining the live story? Start at He Touched Me Chapter One | Click here

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It's Monday and I'm posting. Not in the early morning which is my usual time, but it's still Monday. Give me some boon, okay.

My question to the readers, if you found out the reality you were born into was not what it should of been, would you be mad at your parents for having you believe the lies they created once you were grown?

What would you do to move forward? Find out the truth or keep living your life?

I'd really love your intake.

Now to the nitty gritty of this part. If you read Black's Innocence, you briefly met Luke. Readers of the book can give other readers who Luke's brother is.

I think I like Luke. Might do an off shoot story.

Also to help you keep up to what's to come, I'd highly recommend Sin's Iniquity. If one more person tells me I just repeated the first word again then don't. LOL

Available as a paperback & Kindle download
Available in multiple downloads
 Available for Nook Devices

I'm just warning you, Dwight Bowman is coming in the picture.

And... Lethal is coming. I'm sorry.

As always, tell me what you think of this post? Be Safe!



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JUL 17 and 18 The #Detroit Writing Room Summer Writing Retreat by The @DETWritingRoomRoom via @Steph_Steinberg

Check out Schedule | Find out More About Detroit Writing Room | Register Now 

Date And Time

Fri, Jul 17, 2020, 1:00 PM –

Sat, Jul 18, 2020, 5:00 PM EDT

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The Detroit Writing Room

1514 Washington Boulevard

Suite 203

Detroit, MI 48226

Check out Schedule | Find out More About Detroit Writing Room | Register Now 

Meet fellow writers and enhance your writing skills at an intimate writing retreat in downtown Detroit this summer.

About this Event

This summer, join The Detroit Writing Room for a weekend retreat to connect with fellow writers, write in a creative space and learn from published authors.

The Detroit Writing Room is offering a Summer Writing Retreat Friday, July 17 and Saturday, July 18. If you need an escape to unblock writer's block and get your creative juices flowing, this experience is for you.

The two-day retreat includes time to network with aspiring and veteran authors, writing and publishing workshops, and free writing time. Meals and a Friday happy hour are included in the ticket price. All levels of experience are welcome. Must be 21+.

Come with your laptop and/or writing materials!

Check out Schedule | Find out More About Detroit Writing Room | Register Now 


**The Detroit Creativity Project Moves The Improv Project Online


Teia B. Wallington

C: 313-468-2146


The Detroit Creativity Project Moves The Improv Project Online

Artists, students, celebrities to host improv games online

DETROIT, April 9, 2020  - The Improv Project, a school-based arts program powered by The Detroit Creativity Project, is going virtual! Improv games and exercises will be led by artists, students and special celebrity guests, including Marc Evan Jackson of "The Good Place" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." Jackson also is the founder and president of The Detroit Creativity Project. Starting the week of April 13, new games and exercises will be added on The Improv Project YouTube and Instagram on Monday each week. To reach students without internet access, the organization will be launching a postcard series featuring improv lessons and games. Students and parents across metro Detroit are invited to participate.


"We're committed to keep reaching our students in The Improv Project with alternatives to classroom learning given the school closures," Jackson says. "Much of what improv teaches can be so useful right now, when so much is uncertain—like how to be in the moment, adapt to change, remain optimistic, and see things from another person's perspective. Improv is also an outlet to stretch ourselves creatively, and it's just a great way to laugh, have fun and be together." 


As The Detroit Creativity Project's free flagship program, The Improv Project usually brings students together in the classroom for 10 weeks each semester. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic closing Michigan schools for the rest of the 2019-20 school year, the program is now using an online approach to serve students.


"Offering improv online during this challenging time is a huge opportunity to provide access to creativity," says Margaret Edwartowski, executive director of Y Arts, which partners with The Detroit Creativity Project for the improv initiative. "We hope to reach not only the youth we've been serving, but also reach many other young people who need some joy, levity, and connection right now."


The Improv Project's teaching artists are selecting improv games that students can play at home either solo, in pairs, or with a group of kids and adults. One of the first games to be posted is "Two Words at a Time." In this game, a group of two to six people create a story two words at a time. One person begins by providing two words in the story. Each player then adds to the story, two words at a time. "This is a great exercise to work on listening and building on other people's ideas," Jackson says. "It also helps students work on storytelling for other writing assignments."


These online games and exercises will continue The Detroit Creativity Project's goal to give students improv skills that help them develop social and emotional skills related to teamwork, communication, and problem solving. The training will also help students build literacy through storytelling.


Join The Improv Project on YouTube. Follow The Detroit Creativity Project online on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Participate in the conversation using #ImprovProjectOnline. For more information, visit www.DetroitCreativityProject.orgFor media and interviews via video conference or telephone with founder Marc Evan Jackson, contact




About The Detroit Creativity Project and The Improv Project

The Detroit Creativity Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that develops and supports improv programs for young people in Detroit and neighboring cities. Its flagship program, The improv Project, is a free, 10-week, school-based program and workshop series for middle and high school students and is administered in partnership with the Y Arts, the arts division of the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit. The program serves more than 1,000 students annually. Improvisation training teaches students important life skills, including how to solve problems and persevere, how to respect the ideas of others, and how to collaborate and communicate effectively.


XIth Annual MOTOR City BLACK AGE of Comics/Manga Con via @MoCityBlackAge #MICHLit #michiganwriters #literaryevents #motownwriters #detroit June13th

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Metro Detroit Book and Author Society MDBAS Grants and More! via @bookandauthors #michlit #michiganwriters #motownwriters

Metro Detroit Book and Author Society 



Metro Detroit Book and Author SocietyBringing together readers and authors since 1972
Grants for the Spring 2020 Luncheon

The Metro Detroit Book & Author Society is now accepting applications for the $2,000 James C. Dance Award for the Arts grant and the $2,000  Mary J. Ritter Literacy Award grant.

This year, we're moving to an online-only application process. No more printing, scanning, and attaching of forms! A link to the application form and guidelines for the Spring Luncheon on May 18th, 2020 is available at:
Applications are due no later than April 15th, 2020.

Find out now!

Spring Luncheon Authors Finalized
We have a great lineup of authors for you this Spring! Please see the complete details on our website. Tickets go on sale April 6th and we look forward to seeing you there.

See Our Authors

As always, we appreciate your help spreading the word about our events by forwarding this email to a friend or invite them to join you at the luncheon!
Modify your subscription    |    View online
Metro Detroit Book and Author Society
44750 Delco Blvd., Sterling Heights, MI 48313

Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Michigan Writing Workshop is Back on April 25, 2020 - Register now! via @BrianKlems #michlit #michiganwriters #motownwriters

We are happy to announce the 2020 Michigan Writing Workshop, a one-day writers conference on Saturday, April 25, 2020. This is our fifth conference, and we are excited about the event. My name is Brian Klems, and I am formerly a longtime editor with Writer's Digest. I am coordinating the 2020 event.

Basic information about the 2020 MICHWW is below. The rest of the info can be found on the updated website:
If you want to register, simply reply and let me know -- it's as simple as that. I can send you registration instructions and a form. Thanks. (Sorry if you are getting this notice more than once. We just want to make sure we notify everyone.)

WHATThe 2020 Michigan Writing Workshop, a one-day writers conference in Livonia, MI (just outside of Detroit).

WHERE: Embassy Suites by Hilton Detroit Livonia Novi, 19525 Victor Pkwy, Livonia, MI 48152 (734) 462-6000

WHEN: 9:30 - 5:00, April 25, 2020

ATTENDING AGENTS: We have 10 attending agents and editors so far (and that number may grow), including a nice mix of agents who have never attended the event before. Every attending agent and editor is actively seeking new writers and projects now. See them all here on the website.

HOW TO REGISTER: Just reply back to me and say you're interested. We will send you everything you need.

WHY ATTEND THE 2020 EVENT? The day is again jam-packed with classes and information on how to get an agent, how to get published, how to grow your audience, and more--including genre specific courses for sci-fi/fantasy, YA/MG, thrillers/crime/fiction, and more. You can pitch agents and editors who are actively seeking new clients right now. You can also meet other writers just like you, and make writing friends who will help you on your journey.

We at Writing Day Workshops are proud of our growing list of success stories, and hope you will be our next addition:

Click here to read about writers who have landed agents from attending WDW events!

If you attended an event of ours in the past and either signed with an agent you met at the event, or signed with an agent following the conference and think the WDW event was a valuable experience on your writing journey, we'd love to hear from you. Your positive words mean a lot to us, and we can help promote you and your book(s).

PLEASE CONSIDER MENTIONING THE CONFERENCE TO OTHERS: If you know any area writers or writing groups who would be interested in the Michigan Writing Workshop, please consider letting them know. Any word-spreading you do -- especially to local writing groups -- is valuable and appreciated.

OTHER WDW EVENTS: If you're interested in a conference but cannot attend this April 25 event, we have other one-day conferences around the country that we're coordinating in 2020. See them all here:

* * * * *

Thanks again. Feel free to ask any questions you like. Thank you for your interest in the 2020 Michigan Writing Workshop

Brian Klems and the WDW Team

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