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When we are asleep, we dream. Are dreams a connection to the unconscious mind? Are they omens of things to come - both good and bad? In our dreams we can be anything we want to be. We are looking for stories about your dreams and the impact they have had on your life. What have you learned from your dreams? Did your dreams come true? Did a dream strengthen your faith or help you change the direction your life was headed in? Did a dream serve as a warning about something that was going to happen? The deadline for story and poem submissions is December 31, 2014.

Hope and Miracles 
Everyone has experienced events in their lives that cause wonder and astonishment and give them hope for a better future. Why did these things happen? Were they answered prayers? Did divine intervention have something to do with it? Share your inspirational true stories with us to remind us that each day holds hope and that a miracle can happen at any time. The deadline for story and poem submissions is October 30, 2014.

Living a Life of Purpose by Volunteering 
We're making another book about volunteering! How has your life been changed by volunteering? Have you been a volunteer in a hospital, a school or in your community? What have you done with your life that makes you feel good and has also made this world a better place? What have you done to make a difference in the lives of others? Or do you want to thank a volunteer who helped you? Share your true stories about how you found purpose, passion, and joy in your life or how a volunteer helped you. And by volunteer, we mean an unpaid position, so save those stories about paid heroes in your life for another book! The deadline for story and poem submissions is December 31, 2014.

Stories about the Christmas Season 
Our holiday books are very popular. We do a new edition every other year and so we are now collecting stories for our Christmas 2015 book. Share your special stories about the holiday season - including Chanukah and Kwanzaa - from inspirational and joyous, to heartwarming and humorous. Remember all of the stories in our Christmas books are "Santa Safe" - we don't want to spoil the magic for children. The deadline for story and poem submissions is August 30, 2014.

Support for Therapists/Mental Health Professionals 
Therapists and mental health counselors listen to people's problems all day. But where's the "chicken soup for the soul" for them? Who supports the therapists and mental health professionals? We're looking for stories from therapists and mental health professionals about how you get through your day. How do you separate your clients' pain from your own life? Share your advice and support with your colleagues. And if you have been client of one of these fine professionals and you want to tell them how much they helped you, for moral support, please submit your story as well. The deadline for story and poem submissions is December 31, 2014.

Thanks to My Mom 
We are collecting stories of thanks written by sons and daughters of all ages about their moms and stepmoms. Tell us what your mom has done for you and why you are grateful to her. Is she always right? Do you still turn to her for advice? Have you turned into your mother even though you vowed you never would? Share your best stories-ones that will make us laugh, cry, or nod our heads in recognition. We are not looking for general tributes (we know your mom is terrific) nor are we looking for biographies or eulogies. We are looking for specific anecdotes about what your mom or stepmom did for you-something you want to thank her for. The deadline for story and poem submissions is September 30, 2014.

The Power of Forgiveness 
Have you ever noticed how forgiving someone frees you to move on with your life? It can be a major decision though, especially if you feel you were seriously wronged. For the "New Year New You" 2015 season we plan to publish a book about the power of forgiveness. Let us know how forgiving someone changed your life. It can be something small like forgiving a rude driver who cut you off, or it can be something big like forgiving someone who caused a major negative event in your life. How did forgiving someone change your life in a positive way? Were you able to reestablish a relationship after forgiving? Did letting go of your hurt feelings heal you and bring you a sense of peace? Help others find the same resolution by sharing your story. The deadline date for story and poem submissions is June 30, 2014.

Time to Thrive 
This title deliberately has a double meaning: 1) You need to make time in your busy life to thrive; and 2) It's time to thrive-no more putting off those life changes you know you should make. If you have a story about taking time to thrive, i.e. pursue a passion, find your purpose, improve your wellbeing, or if you realized it was time to thrive and you did something about it, we want to hear from you. Were you stuck in the same old routine for years? Did you feel that your life had no purpose? What did you do to transform yourself and create balance and meaning in your life? Did you start a completely new career, have a travel adventure or find a new hobby? Was it a new love interest or an attitude adjustment that helped you thrive? We want to hear your stories. Stories can be serious or funny, but we definitely want them to inspire our readers to take that first step towards happiness, fulfillment, and growth. The deadline for story and poem submissions is December 31, 2014.

FAITH: Use it or Lose it!

Born Grown - An Autobiography

TRANSITION: From Widowhood... to Womanhood

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