Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Authors Access Podcast: JC Simonds - How to Start a Publishing Company

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Authors Access

On December 1st, 2011 Susan Violante and Tyler R. Tichelaar spoke with publisher and marketing guru Jacqueline Church ("JC") Simonds. She is the co-owner of Beagle Bay, Inc, a book packaging and distribution company. Jacqueline is also the author of the historical novel Captain Mary, Buccaneer. We went back to basics for this episode and touched on all the fundamentals you need, including:
  • Self-Publishing = Entrepreneurship. Can you handle the business or do you need a partner?
  • Publishing is a $3 TRILLION a year, global business. Are you ready to compete?
  • Most new publishers are woefully lacking in knowledge about the book business.
  • Should you go for a "Doing Business As"? (dba) or incorporate?
  • How many ISBNs should you buy - 1? 10? 1000
  • Understand the new business models of Print on Demand (POD) + distribution, eBooks, and offset printing.
  • Marketing = Sales. How do you plan to reach your reader/buyer in the first few months, and from then on?

Listen to podcast - How to Start a Publishing Company

JC Simons

JC Simonds

Jacqueline is a book shepherd, assisting self-publishers and start-up presses in launching their businesses. Much of her knowledge about publishing can be found at the Creative Minds Press site New Self-Publisher's FAQIn Captain Mary, Buccaneer, Simonds has crafted an enduring tale that will satisfy readers with its swashbuckling action, dark intrigue, and torrid romance. The book is the result of Simonds' extensive research into the pirate subculture of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries. From the tales of real women pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read who were tried for piracy in Spanishtown, Jamaica in 1721, Simonds has created a character who would be as at home on Wall Street as she is on the heaving deck of an 18th century brigantine. If you enjoy curling up in your favorite chair with a great adventure story, then this book is for you!

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