Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Help local #MotownLit Author, Yusef Bunchy Shakur (@Z8YBS) on his new endeavor! Plz donate &share w/others #michlit

Yusef would like you to support "Restoring the Neighbor back to the hood" 

Will you show your support?
Yes! Take me to this page >> 


Yusef says...
In 2013, a house was donated
to me for the purpose of using it to do community work. Subsequently, the Urban
Network bookstore i owned & operated was forced to close because the owner
sold the building. Instead of giving up or getting down on myself i have
decided to dedicate my time, effort & energy to raising money to rehab the

The Impact

In an effort to extend the
work of the Urban Network, i am on a mission of transforming the house into the
Restoring the Neighbor Back to the Hood Training Center. This facility will operate as a multipurpose,
community-oriented virtual business house. Our programming will educate, serve
and empower community members by providing literacy classes, digital training,
food, and clothing. This facility, rooted in the Zone 8 community of Detroit,
will be the concrete application of being rooted with the people and providing
practical programs which will meet the needs of the people. 

How You Can Help

i am humbly asking for your
support by donating money to rehab this house. All money raised will go towards paying past
due taxes, purchasing building supplies, electrical work, hot water tank,
furnace & plumbing supplies. "Whatever good comes out of our neighborhood
will be a result of the good we invest into them." 
Thank you in advance for
your support. i appreciate you all. Visit to learn more.

Please spread the word
throughout YOUR communities. Email,
tweet, Facebook this campaign using #RestoretheNeighborContinue Reading >> 

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