Monday, August 22, 2016

Freedom With Writing Presents: 18 Writing Grants and Fellowships with Cash Prizes Up to $80,000 #motownwriters

Freedom With Writing Presents:

18 Writing Grants and Fellowships with Cash Prizes Up to $80,000
The following is a list of writing grants and fellowships that offer cash awards to writers. The awards range from a few hundred dollars to $80,000. This list includes a wide variety of grants and fellowships – regional grants for artists working in local communities, funds for poets to travel outside the...

Jacob Jans

Recent Articles:
  1. $39,000 Short Story Prize: The Sunday Times Short Story Awards
    The world’s biggest prize for short stories is now open to submissions. Sponsored by EFG International and The Sunday Times, the prize offers £30,000 ($39,000 USD) for the winning short story. According to the website: The prize, worth £30,000 to the winner, is an international award, founded in 2010, that is open to any story... Keep reading...
  2. $300 for Superhero Stories to Be Published in “Behind the Mask”
    Meerkat Press is currently seeking submissions for their upcoming anthology Behind the Mask: A Superhero Anthology. They want stories about the ordinary challenges faces by extraordinary superheroes. How do they cope with growing old, changing diapers, or simply fitting in? Meerkat is paying 2-8 cents per word, for stories between 3,000 and 6,000 words. The... Keep reading...
  3. 6 Websites & Blogs that Pay $50+ Per Post
    The following is a list of website and blogs that pay writers $50+ per post. They include a diverse set of topics. For even more websites that pay writers, check out this list of 75 websites that pay writers. If you’ve recently been paid to write for a blog or website, please report a payment... Keep reading...
  4. 6 Magazines that Pay $200+ Per Article
    The following is a list of magazines that pay writers at least $200 for some of the writing they publish. Keep in mind that pay rates to fluctuate, and may still need to be negotiated. If you’ve been paid by a magazine recently, please report a payment on Litworth. For even more magazines that pay,... Keep reading...

  5. The Binge Watching Cure: $500 for Short Stories
    The Binge Watching Cure, a forthcoming anthology to be published in 2017, is currently seeking submissions of short stories. They pay $200 for short stories under 5,000 words, and $500 for stories that are longer. They want stories of nearly every length, from 100 words, to 25,000 words. According to their website: “The Binge-Watching Cure will... Keep reading...

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