Saturday, April 10, 2021

Why not sign up for the Be A Bestseller - Structure Your Story for Success masterclass series?

My friend, Emma Dhesi, has brought together 20+ writers, creatives, and influencers for this complimentary training series on ways to structure your stories, develop plot twists and manage your projects, rejuvenating both your writing and your energy.

And you can access it all by clicking here:

Is it possible to write your book in only a few writing sessions a week?


But is it as easy as some people make it sound?

Definitely not.

And it's downright impossible if you never get started.

Do you marvel at how published writers plot and put together such wonderful stories? Whether it be literary, psychological thriller, epic fantasy, Western romance and everything in between?

Do you admire how they bring their stories full circle, connect all the dots and leave readers wanting more, and you how they did it?

Believe me, they didn't do it alone. Crafting a novel takes time, and it takes support - sometimes a lot of it.

And that's why I'm so excited for the Be A Bestseller - Structure Your Story For Success masterclass. It's a gathering of writers who know the challenges you're facing in your work. 

Writers who've taken time to understand how best to create writing rituals, use a story structure that works for them, and build a community. Authors who use new ways to find fans and keep them engaged.

This two-week summit lets you in on their strategies and tips, insights you won't find anywhere else on how to revise, world build and put together a query letter that rocks!

It's totally free, but you have to sign up to get access.

Claim your spot here:

Happy Writing!


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