Sunday, May 9, 2021

Authors - Get 1,000 IG followers in 30 DAYS!

If you're an author, you're probably looking for any opportunity to increase your visibility so you can connect with your target readers and, of course, get more book sales.

And if you know like I know, then you know that Instagram can be a gold mine when it comes to building your author brand and getting in front of your audience. 

But … most authors I know are struggling on Instagram.

Picture this: What if you could attract 1,000 Instagram followers who fit perfectly into your target reader niche, are addicted to your content and in love with your author brand in just 30 days, whether your book is launched or not?

Sounds good, right? Well, you don't have to wonder, imagine, wish, or pray for it anymore because Monique D. Mensah with Make Your Mark Publishing Solutions created 1K IN 30 DAYS for Authors to turn that "what if" into "what it is"!

IK IN 30 DAYS for Authors is a one-of-a-kind video workshop bundle to help self-published authors build marketable Instagram platforms and attract 1,000 target reader followers in just 30 days.

And guess what … It's only $37! … for a limited time. 

I didn't stutter; I said $37!

But this discounted price will not last, so CLICK HERE TO GET IT NOW!

With 1K IN 30 DAYS for Authors, you never have to worry about what to post on Instagram to market your author brand or how to get engaged target reader followers. You'll learn how to create addictive content and organically attract 1,000 followers in your target reader niche in just 30 days, before and after your book launch. 

I ain't lying! CLICK HERE to see for yourself. 


  • build a marketable Instagram author page

  • create addictive content to promote your author brand to your target readers.

  • and attract 1,000 followers in your target reader niche in just 30 days by following the same proven strategies my clients and I have used to build our Instagram platforms and grow followers fast.

This workshop bundle is PACKED with:


to teach you step-by-step everything from how to set up your page  to  how  to create valuable content and get followers fast.


Each lesson is accompanied by a PDF fillable workbook to summarize the lesson and help you organize your thoughts.


Use my easy PDF fillable content calendar to create and schedule your Instagram content in batches.


Still not sure what to post? No problem! I provide 30 post prompts for you to customize for your brand to give you a head start.


Every post needs a caption, and I've got you covered with plug-and-play captions for all 30 post prompts. 


Use the daily task checklist and cheat sheets to stay on track with your goal to get 1,000 followers in 30 days.

You know that's a whole lot of value for just $37. GET 1K IN 30 DAYS for Authors HERE now before it goes up to regular price.

If you're an author, it's time to take advantage of this amazing offer, get your IG game up, and get in front of your target readers! So get to clicking THIS LINK to get IK IN 30 DAYS for Authors now to grow your target reader Instagram followers fast!

P.S. In case you scrolled all the way to the bottom: My girl, Monique D. Mensah just launched a new workshop bundle called 1K IN 30 DAYS for Authors to help authors get 1,000 target reader followers in 30 days. It's only $37, but that price will not last for long. So get it today before it's too late. Just CLICK HERE!

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