Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Pitch Literary Agents: Michigan Writing Workshop on February 4-5

Happy New Year! Brian Klems here, co-coordinator of Writing Day Workshops. If you are getting this, you've attended a Michigan Writing Workshop in the past, or inquired about it -- thank you! We hope everyone is safe and doing OK in these trying times.

As many of you have probably heard, we're again hosting all our spring and summer 2022 events online, including our Michigan Writing Workshop, which takes place on February 4-5.

This is just a quick touch base to tell you about the event.

To register: If you want to sign up for any of the online writers conferences, all you have to do is email me back and let me know. That's it. At that point, I will reach out in a new email and send you registration & payment info.


1. Easy way to advance your career and stay safe.

No further explanation needed. Stay safe during COVID times! You get classes and critiques and agent pitches -- it's all online and easy and smooth. We have done about 30 online writers conferences in 2021 and 2022, and they have gotten excellent feedback.

2. All the day's classes are recorded, so you will get all of these recorded classes (and more *bonus* pre-recorded classes) emailed to you after the event for further viewing -- i.e., you do not have to watch the classes live if you don't want to!

Now, with an online event, you get access to all the day's recorded classes after the weekend and can watch them as much as you want for up to 6 months. This is very cool. We will also throw in at least 10 more free pre-recorded bonus classes on the side as extra elements.

For the Michigan event (February 4-5), we will have 10 classes total. The classes are listed online on the website, and that link will also show you the free bonus classes you will get on the side. Again, do not worry at all if you cannot get to a computer and watch live classes at any of those times. All classes are recorded and sent out to you afterward. All is well. This new format allows us the most security in making sure the classes are all awesome and recorded well. You can ask questions during any session, and our policy is that no question goes unanswered. If you miss a live session and watch the recording afterward, we will still get your question to the teacher after the event for a reply.

3. We have TONS (30+ per event) of new additional literary agents you can pitch!

When some literary agents heard we were now doing online events and they could take pitches via phone or Skype or Zoom, they reached out and wanted to be part of these events. That means we have oodles of new additional literary agents for you to check out, if you like. We have more than 30 agents taking pitches as part of the Michigan a event:

It is amazing that so many additional literary agents wanted to join these events digitally. Take advantage of this opportunity!

If you sign up, we will explain, in the week prior to the event, how pitches with each individual agent will work. Each agent will have their own individual way they want you to contact them. Many will do Zoom or Skype. We will email out directions on how to contact each agent so you have them all in one, easy-to-access document. Then everyone will get a separate email with all your pitch times.

4. We are still taking sign-ups. Thank you for considering to spread the word.

Attendees don't have to be local. They can be anywhere. If you mention the event to anyone, please also mention the large group of new agents.

Thanks, all. We are happy to answer questions. Thank you for considering this online weekend conference. Again, to reiterate the new awesome aspects -- you will be getting live classes, many pre-recorded bonus pre-recorded speeches, and there are now 30+ attending literary agents (!) to choose from. Thank you for considering the 2022 MICHWW. Our hope is to bring back in-person events next year.

Again, to register: All you have to do is email me back and let me know which conference you're interested in. That's it. Then I will reach out in a new email and send you registration & payment info.

Brian Klems
Michigan Writing Workshop

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