Monday, March 5, 2012

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Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler by Rosemary AdkinsJust in time for St. Patrick's Day comes Rosemary Adkins'Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler. Unlike most travel books filled only with facts, Rosemary shares her personal trip to Ireland with her husband Doug to celebrate their anniversary. She thoroughly researched this trip of a lifetime, and now she offers her personal likes, dislikes, experiences, and enjoyments of the Emerald Isle. From Dublin to Tipperary, beautiful Kylemore Abbey (pictured on the cover) and the Aran Isles, Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler takes readers by the hand as they visit the places and meet the people who make Ireland special. The book also provides plenty of travel tips and special offers for readers.

To read more, visit Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler

Freeing Oneself: Breaking Through Your Barriers to Find Balance and Happiness by Lee MartinAs a certified stress management counselor with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and years of working with the mentally ill, the homeless, and those with addictions, Lee Martin has seen a wide variety of different ways people are trapped in unhappy situations and how stress and fear paralyze them from achieving their full potential. Most importantly, he realizes many people do not formulate goals or strategies to achieve the freedom or lives they desire. He has written this book to help remedy that situation. Through practical steps, many thought-provoking exercises, and countless personal, inspiring, and thoughtful stories, Martin helps readers become self-aware so they can re-examine their lives and then take the necessary and joyful steps toward knowing a new degree of freedom, purpose, and satisfaction.

To read more, visit Freeing Oneself

Ride, Baby, Ride! by Leilani HurlesWhen Leilani Hurles found out she unexpectedly had ovarian cancer, she wasn't going to let that stop her from living. Cancer became just another obstacle she was going to prove she could overcome, and as her many friends and family rallied to her support, she turned it into a fun way to connect with and inspire others. Overwhelmed with people calling to find out how she was, Leilani decided she would send out a weekly email update to everyone to discuss her progress. Her emails were hilarious to her readers, and her courage to overcome cancer inspired not only those who knew her, but soon friends and family were forwarding her emails to people all over the country and her emails were being read at prayer groups and encouraging others battling with cancer. And soon her legions of fans, who kept telling her she was the next Erma Bombeck, were encouraging her to publish a book.

To read more, visit Ride, Baby, Ride!

Top Secrets of a Girl Entrepreneur by Linda PondIt's not giving away any secret to say that Linda Pond is young at heart, and that is why she chose "Girl" rather than Female or Woman for the title of her new book. Linda believes in laughing, and she knows that younger people laugh and smile much more. In this memoir of an entrepreneur, she shares how she overcame personal hurdles to become an entrepreneur, and her journey to making her and her daughter's invention—the FAB Light—a success. Linda also reveals how tapping into joy is vital for entrepreneurial success. "From that youthful joy and enthusiasm," she says, "will spring your passion and creativity that will lead you to successful entrepreneurship."

To read more, visit Top Secrets of a Girl Entrepreneur

Three Gifts by Mary FlinnWho wants to read a book about happily married people? Well, if the author of the book is Mary Flinn, I do. This third book in her trilogy, which began with The One and Second Time's a Charm, reveals what happens after Chelsea and Kyle are married. Will the fairy tale continue? Flinn's lovers may be a step above in how they treat one another, but they serve as a beautiful example of what marriage can be if people truly care for one another and do not let the world and other people, or petty jealousies and fears, interfere with their most important relationship. From the opening wedding scene, readers are taken through the first year of Kyle and Chelsea's married life as they dream about happiness, worry over finances, deal with family crises, and hope for children.

To read more, visit Three Gifts

Tyler's Tips

Tyler Tichelaar, Ph.D. President of Superior Book Promotions and award-winning author of The Marquette Trilogy, My Marquette, Authors Access, and King Arthur's Children.Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., President of Superior Book Promotions and award-winning author of The Marquette Trilogy, My Marquette, Authors Access, and King Arthur's Children.

Welcome to Issue 26 of the SUPERIOR BOOK PROMOTIONS newsletter!

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Spring to everyone! I know those events are a few days off yet, but they are coming soon.

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays. It's an easy holiday for making you feel a connection with your roots, and I have a little Irish on both sides of my family. And those who know me well know I'm an avid genealogy fanatic. When I wrote The Marquette Trilogy, I drew on many of my ancestors' stories, including my Irish ancestors, and what I didn't know, I made up to create great fiction.

And guess what? I'll be gone for a couple of weeks in March because I'm traveling to Turkey to do research for a future book—and yes, there's a genealogy connection. I can claim descent from several Byzantine Emperors who once ruled from Constantinople, now Istanbul.

Whether you decide to write fiction or non-fiction, and it's your own immediate generation or that of ancestors long ago, our family stories are always worth telling and learning from. I encourage you to write down as much of your family story as possible for future generations to treasure.

Thank you for reading.

Tyler R. Tichelaar

Thank you for reading the Superior Book Promotions newsletter!

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