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#RustCity17 Newsletter - June 22, 2017 via @rustbookcon

#RustCity17 is only 6 weeks away!

Sylvia Hubbard, have you registered yet? We have a fabulous lineup of authors joining us and the schedule will be posted soon. I've made a few changes and added some new activities that will guarantee a whole new experience from last year.

The MEET & GREETS are going to be staggered this year, so instead of having to choose which one to go to, attendees will be able to go to ALL of them.

Added to the schedule this year are GAME SESSIONS. Basically, all this will be is a room full of games. Anyone can go in, grab one of the games, and play with anyone in there. There is no structure to this room - it's just another place for readers to get some one-on-one time with any of our attending authors, or getting some much needed down time, without being in the bar or at a panel. Some of the games available will be Cards Against Humanity, One Night Ultimate Werewolf & VampireDraw What (except for when that one is scheduled), ElementosExploding KittensDoctor Who Clue (because I really want a reason to buy it *grin*), King of TokyoUno Dare, and anything else I get between now and then that looks fun. And yes, I have a few games I'm thinking of getting - Battle MonkeysBang! The Walking DeadBatman Almost Got ImBoss Monster, and a bunch of others.

New this year...I've decided to mimic a feature of the local SF/F cons with a Rust City ConSuite!  If you're unfamiliar with the ConSuite setup, the basic idea is free food. It's simple, easy to prepare food & snacks, but it's available at every meal. There will be sandwich makings - meat, cheese, condiments, etc - and I'm going to try and do hot dogs as well. This way Rust City is able to offer all the meals, and people can drop in, grab something and go if they need to.
Register For #RustCity17 Here!
#RustCity17 author Stacy McKitrick begins the "Anything Goes" #FlashFiction over at Alpha Heroes Book Blog with ON THE HUNT.

"Anything Goes" means authors are welcome to bring in any kind of element they wish to this category, from time travel to zombies. 
Shelf Addiction initiates #RustCity17 author, Jillian David in her very first podcast. Listen in as Tamara talks with Jillian about her Hell's Valley series, Rust City, and more!

Get a glimpse into David's Hell's Valley series with an excerpt from the first novel, LEGACY LOST.
The FREE Public book signing will beSaturday, August 5, 2017 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

Just like last year, we are asking everyone to bring a gently used book (childrens through adult) to help fill a new #LittleFreeLibrary to be installed within the community after the event. The library will be revealed/displayed throughout the weekend.

That's all I have for you for now. I hope to see you at #RustCity17!

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