Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't miss our new Master of the Month Artist series! via Herrick District Library

painting by Henri Matisse


Don't miss our Master of the Month series!

Hi Sylvia,      


Happy New Year!  We just wanted to introduce you to a great new series Herrick District Library is offering, titled "Master of the Month." Once a month on a Saturday afternoon, we will offer a lecture and art workshop focused on a particular artist. The lecture/workshop series is led by local artist Cynthia Hagedorn.  
We invite you to explore your creative side, and try out this fun and educational program series!


All workshops take place in the auditorium on the lower level of Herrick District Library, 300 S. River Ave. For ages 14 and up.


Master of the Month - Matisse

Saturday, January 14


This month's artist is Matisse. Henri Matisse was a French artist who made bright, joyful paper collages. Join us in the auditorium to hear how his art was thought to be shocking in his day - a style called fauvism (which means "wild beast" in French). Create your own collage masterpiece by using simple forms and pure colors.


To sign up, click here, e-mail reference@herrickdl.org or call 355.3720.


Here are the upcoming artists for the year:

February - Gustav Klimt

March - Piet Mondrian

April - Michelangelo Buonarroti

May - Vincent vanGogh

June - Jackson Pollock

July - Claude Monet

August - Pierre-Auguste Renoir

September - Henry Moore

October - Edvard Munch

November - Pablo Picasso

December - Paul Cezanne


For more programs for all ages, visit www.herrickdl.org.


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Herrick District Library
300 S. River Ave.
Holland, MI  49423
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W - Sa: 9am - 6pm
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North Side Branch
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Herrick District Library

300 S. River Ave.

Holland, MI  49423



Herrick District Library | 300 South River Ave. | Holland | MI | 49423

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