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What to Read plus the usual potpourri of fun news... via Saturn Booksellers #bookstore #michlit #michigan

...and the good-to-know....
1)  World Book Night will be April 23rd, and the goal is to give away a MILLION free books!  We have signed up to be (and presume we are) a pick-up point for books, and YOU can sign up to be a giver - the idea is that you preference your top 3 titles from among 30 they are printing with special WBN covers.  If you are selected to be a giver, you will pick up 20 copies of your title here, and then head out and distribute them to folks in the community  who aren't big readers, or are non-readers, in order to turn them on to the love of reading.  Exciting, right?  Follow the links below for more info...
          world book night                                   
2)  Following on the success of our signed, first edition promo with Michael Moore, we're going to be emphasizing our autographed copies more heavily on our website.  While this project is in the works right now, you'll be able to count on Saturn to get you autographed copies of books by some of your (and our) favorite authors.  Keep watching the website for more info...

3)  We're in the midst of lining up events for the next few months.   Next up is our annual Tea Party. Click here for more info.  It's coming up on Sat. the 21st of THIS month, and we'll be featuring all things tea (including a few new blends) from our friend Chris Sacks, owner of the Great Lakes Tea and Spice Co., purveyor of the fine teas we sell here in the Coffee Cabin.  If you've been before, you know not to miss out!

As things are finalized, they will appear on our website calendar (click here), and we have lots of fun in the works - here's a sampling:
 - authors and events for the little guys
- a wine tasting
 - a natural cosmetic workshop
 - our annual Random House night
 - World Book Night and a reception prior to it for givers
Call us with questions, or to be put on the list...even if the event isn't finalized, we'll be happy to take your name and number and contact you with details...






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What to Read, Sale Info, Plus All Manner of Good-to-Know Things...


Even though it's typically our slower time of year, there's lots going on at the bookstore!  I know you got lots of great things to read for Christmas, but don't forget to pop in to see what's new and exciting, or you will miss fact, in our 'what to read' section below, my first recommendation just arrived on Tuesday of this week....

PLUS - it's SALE time!  We have a huge selection of books, toys and gifts on sale for 30% off or buy-one-get-one-free. It's a good time to stock up on gifts to hide away, or bargains you just shouldn't pass up. 
Or how 'bout ...WE MISS YOU?  It's quiet enough that I have time to write a newsletter on the floor these days - and that's just wrong.  


What to Read: (or, what we've been reading lately...)

Just Out:

The Spy Who Jumped Off the Screen by Thomas Caplan  

James Bond and Jason Bourne, move over!  Caplan gives us Ty Hunter, a former covert operative who has become the #1 box office sensation.  But when the government suspects that some nuclear warheads have been stolen and are on their way to some unsavory new owners, Ty is the man they call to race the clock and the bad guys in order to save us all.  This was a great read with really bad bad guys and really good good guys, beautiful women, unbelievable wealth and exotic settings - everything you want in a Bond-type adventure! Click here to save when you order your copies. jill


A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard


In A Stolen Life, Jaycee Dugard tells her story of the 18 years she spent with her kidnapper and his wife. In her tell-all book, she relives the horrible first days, which turned into weeks and even years, starting on June 10, 1991 when she was just 11. Jaycee reflects on what she was thinking when her life was in the hands of a drug addicted man. She shares how when her daughters were born she was afraid she would have no one to turn to if she left, so she stayed. Jaycee also tells us how she has coped with life since her freedom and what it's like raising her daughters today.  Click here to save when you order on  Mel

Covenant by Dean Crawford



This first novel by Dean Crawford is a thriller/sci-fi read.  Covenant takes the reader from the deserts of Israel, to Chicago, to Washington D.C. and back again in search of answers to what was found at a "dig" in the Negev Desert and how it is of interest to a powerful pastor in D.C.  Ethan Warner, former war correspondent puts life and limb on the line to find the abducted anthropologist and answers.  

This book reminds me of Robin Cook or Michael Crichton since it is even part medical thriller.  It is also intriguing with its questions about Nephilim, or fallen angels, being unearthed in the desert after 7,000 years (or is it an alien?).  It is thought-provoking with unusual views about war and religion. I look forward to Mr. Crawford's next work.  Click here to order and save on Covenant from  Jackie
Night Road by Kristin Hannah
New to paperback is Night Road, by author Kristin Hannah. She is one of my favorite authors as she always delivers a strong story with equally strong characters.


In typical Kristin Hannah fashion, this is a story about a family. The story centers around high school twins Zach and Mia.  Their father is a surgeon and their mother is a "helicopter": a parent who stays home, her life consumed by her family and their every need. Zach is the cool twin, with tons of friends; Mia is the quiet, lonely twin. That is, until she hooks up with a new girl in school, Lexi Baill, who has lived in foster homes before she settled down with her great-aunt.


Jude and Miles welcome Lexi, who fills their daughter's need for friendship, and even accept the fact that Zach has fallen in love with Lexi. The three teenagers celebrate the end of their senior year in high school and the changes that will affect their futures. Then one decision changes the lives of everyone.

Night Road is a must-read for both adults and young adults. It has multiple storylines with messages for both age groups. Read and enjoy. Click here to order the paperback and save!   Karin


...And coming (and you NEED to pre-order this one, it's THE mystery of spring, take my word for it...)


Defending Jacob by William Landay

Think Presumed Innocent (if you've been reading thrillers as long as I have...).  A story so smart and different that you can't wait to keep reading it and you want to send all of your friends in for copies, too.  Andy Barber is First Assistant DA in his suburban MA town when a young boy is discovered dead in the local park.  Partway through the investigation, Andy is pulled from the case and shortly thereafter his son Jacob is charged with the murder of his fellow middle schooler.  Fantastic read. And you can call us for your copies, or pre-order by clicking here. jill


And, finally, a plea:  If you read and like our recommendations, PLEASE buy/order your copies from us.  That's how we get to stay here.  If you are 'away,' you can call, email or order on our website...we want to be your bookstore - every day!





Happy reading!






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