Thursday, January 19, 2012

READ THIS: If you are serious about writing & publishing your book via @pamperry

Hey there Superstar! 

Imagine a gathering of some of world's most sought
after marketing and publishing experts ready to give
you the "keys to the kingdom" to:

- Get your book published

- Sell your book to a publisher

- Promote yourself using low-cost means online
to catapult your sales & exposure

- Make your book a bestseller
- Transform your business into a mega success

It's not a dream.

In fact, that's what you can expect at the upcoming
Author101 University event coming to Los Angeles March
1 - 4, 2012.

For more details and to register
pam & rick
Pam Perry & Rick Frishman

Early Bird discount till January 20 SAVE $150!

This event sells out every time. Grab your seat early
and save $150. Use coupon code EARLYBIRD
This ends on January 20th.

...and bring a friend to the event for no additional cost!

In addition to the speaker listed below, there will also be
many AGENTS, EDITORS, AND PUBLISHERS on special panels
looking to meet you and willing to share their coveted
industry secrets. There will be 2 meet and greet sessions
with the editors and publishers!

This program is not just for established or aspiring authors.

It is also for entrepreneurs, small biz owners, speakers,
and just about anyone else looking to meet and learn
directly from some of the bestselling authors and
experts in marketing.

Bonus Program: Rick Frishman and Dov Baron Present
The Author Master Class - Spend a day with Dov and Rick
on Thursday March 1st, 9 am to 3 pm for an intimate class

For more details and to register

Remember - sign up now and bring a guest for no additional
cost AND save $150!

Pam Perry,  PR Coach & Social Media Marketing Expert says,
Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Marketing Expert says, "Nothing changes until you do."
 Can't make it LIVE? Then do it online at the PR Boot Camp. 
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