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Dzanc Books and Emerging Writers Network Newsletter

February 29, 2012

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eBooks Club
Dzanc rEprint Series
Dzanc Books eBooks Club

What It Is

An exciting opportunity for our most loyal readers, the Dzanc Books eBook Club delivers a new eBook to its members on the first day of every month, with each selection coming from Dzanc and all of its imprints. In response to the proliferation of compatible devices and increased interest in eBook readings, Dzanc is committed to making it easier and less expensive for our readers to keep up on the newest releases from our catalog, and to delivering our titles in different formats for different kinds of readers.


Started in December 2010, selections so far have included acclaimed novels and short story collections by Robert Lopez, Roy Kesey, Stacey Levine, and Jeff Kass. Future books will be drawn from both our frontlist and the Dzanc Reprint Series, allowing us to deliver a wide variety of accomplished and emerging writers to our members.


Like all our eBooks, titles in the Dzanc eBook Club are delivered in DRM-free MOBI, ePub, and PDF formats, ensuring that club members will be able to enjoy it on their Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, or whatever other platform they choose to use, as well as their PC and whatever newer devices might emerge in the near future.


The Dzanc eBook Club is one of the best ways to stay current with our newest books, and we truly believe it is the best value available to eBook writers anywhere. With subscriptions costing just five dollars per month or sixty dollars per year, members receive a 37% discount off the eBook list price of our selections, on top of knowing that they'll receive many of our new titles as soon as they're released, in the format best matching their choice of reading technology.


If you have any questions or concerns, please free feel to email Matt Bell at

How It Works

Option One: Get eleven books for $50, including five titles immediately upon signing up, plus a six-month subscription! This is a 43% savings compared to the cost of ordering the eleven titles individually in eBook form.

Upon signing up for the Dzanc eBooks Club, you will instantly be able to ask for any five titles we have in eBook form--this includes Dzanc titles, our rEprint titles, and any of our imprint titles. The files will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your signing up.


You will also receive the current month's selection within 48 hours. Then, on the first of each of the next five months, you will receive an email announcement containing a unique link, allowing you to immediately download and enjoy the month's book.


After the sixth month, members will be able to continue your subscription for just $5 per month, a savings of nearly 40% from the Dzanc eBooks cover price.


Option Two: If you already have some of the above bundled eBooks, you may also sign up for the eBook Club directly, starting with the current month's book, which will be delivered within 48 hours:

  • $15: three-month subscription
  • $30: six-month subscription
  • $55: one-year subscription (includes one free month!)

On the first of each month, you will receive an email announcement containing a unique link, allowing you to immediately download and enjoy the month's book. With this option, you will be automatically resubscribed for the same period when you current subscription ends, unless you cancel through your Paypal account.



Hello folks--as many of you will be attending AWP, here is some Dzanc related information. We will be at table A3 in the Southwest Hall with the gentlemen from Knee-Jerk. 

Imprint Starcherone Books will be at table P1.

Black Lawrence Press and Other Voice Books are sharing table

Here is where you can find some Dzanc authors either at readings or on panels:

Laura van den Berg:

Wednesday night: Monster Mags of the Midwest Reading, Murphy's Bleachers, 3655 North Sheffield, 7PM (hosted by Cincinnati Review, Mid-American Review, and Ninth Letter).


Friday night: American Short Fiction and New England Review happy hour, Delilah's, 5-6:30 (with Eugene Cross!)


Saturday afternoon: panel, The Art of the Story Collection, 4:30, Hilton.


Dawn Raffel

Thursday, March 1 at 12:00pm -"Prettying Up the Baby: Publishing Creative Nonfiction in a Challenging Market" with Marion Winick and Ava Chin: Red Lacquer Room, Palmer House Hilton, 4th Floor   

Saturday, March 3 at 1:30pm-Reading Like an Editor with Kristen Iverson (The Pinch), James Yeh (Gigantic) and Kate Bernheimer (Fairy Tale Review); I will be representing The Literarian at the Center for Fiction.  We'll be discussing what makes a story leap from the submissions pile, and also how working as an editor informs one's writing. Williford Room B, Hilton Chicago


Ted Pelton and Starcherone Books

Saturday, March 3, 5:30-7:30pm
Books Have Ruined Our Lives, Now We Want to Ruin Yours: Starcherone in Chicago Reading
Location: The Green Door, 678 New Orleans St., Chicago
Cost: FREE
Starcherone Books celebrates the publication of 30 Under 30: Innovative Fiction by Younger Authors, with ten contributors (Matt Bell, Ian Davisson, Ryan Downey, Andy Farkas, Evelyn Hampton, Sean Kilpatrick, Alissa Nutting, Brian Oliu, Todd Seabrook, Megan Milks) and editor Lily Hoang joining Starcherone authors Gretchen Henderson (The House Enters the Street, due out in Fall '12) and Alissa Nutting (Unclean Jobs for Women & Girls) in an evening certain to destroy your capacity to live a comfortable life and make a decent wage. Hosted by Lily Hoang

Peter Selgin

Friday at 4 p.m. - Peter is doing a reading at the University of Iowa Press Booth   


 Jeff Kass Thursday at 6 p.m.:  Reading at Columbia College  Library with New Sins Press

Friday 10:30 to 11:45 a.m.: Crystal Room, Palmer House Hilton, 3rd Floor
Deep Impact: Four Programs that Empower Youth and Engage
Community with: Mihku Paul, Susan Deer Cloud, andGibson Fay-LeBlanc

 Saturday (S239 in your AWP program)
Publishing as Pedagogy: How the Process of Running an Independent Press and Developing Manuscripts Can Enhance the Growth of Young Writers --State Ballroom, Palmer House Hilton, 4th Floor
This panel will bring together two advisors of youth publishing projects-one from Chicago and one from Ann Arbor-along with a youth editor/book-designer and an emerging author published by Ann Arbor's Red Beard Press to talk about the benefits and challenges of immersing young writers in all facets of the publishing process including business-planning, acquiring funding, soliciting and gathering submissions, editing, book-designing, marketing, events promotion, and distribution.


Matt Bell

 Thursday 12-1:15 p.m. 

Villains and Killers and Criminals, Oh My: Representing Evildoers in Literary Fiction
(Reese Okyong Kwon, Matt Bell, Eugene Cross, Brian Evenson, Lauren Groff)
Honoré Ballroom, Palmer House Hilton, Lobby Level
Iago, the Misfit, Milton's Satan, Judge Holden-some of the most memorable characters in literature have been the evil ones. "The death of Satan was a tragedy / For the imagination," said Wallace Stevens. If this is true, how can fiction writers profit from the inclusion of villainy, and what might be lost? Join writers as they discuss their experiences incorporating elements of evil into their fiction, providing examples from their own and others' work.


Thursday 7 p.m.
Convocation in Chicago (7pm)
Location: Beauty Bar
Cost: Free
PANK, Annalemma, and Mud Luscious will once again host a holy meeting of literary minds. Convocation in Chicago will feature performances by Scott McClanahan, Daiva Markelis, Jac Jemc, Robb Todd, Sal Pane, Brian Oliu, Aubrey Hirsch, Matt Bell, xTx, Chris Newgent, Brett Elizabeth Jenkins, Casey Hannan, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Brandi Wells, Doug Paul Case, Ryan Bradley, Myfanwy Collins, Sarah Rose Etter, Laura Ellen Scott, Molly Laich, and Allyson Boggess.

Thursday 9 p.m.

Propaganda: a reading (9:00 pm)
Location: Haymarket Pub & Brewery, 737 W. Randolph (Halsted & Randolph) - in the Drinking & Writing Theater
Cost: free
Three to five minutes of propaganda from: Matt Bell, Jessica Anya Blau, Blake Butler, Alexandra Chasin, Molly Gaudry, Amelia Gray, Lindsay Hunter, Jac Jemc, Stephen Knezovich, Samuel Ligon, Robert Lopez, Nelly Reifler, Joseph Salvatore, Jason Sommer, Matthew Vollmer, and Jess Walter.


Saturday9-10:15 a.m.

Connecting with Readers via Your Website and Social Media
(Michele Wolf, Kim Addonizio, Leslie Pietrzyk, Matt Bell, Paul Lisicky)
Boulevard Room A,B,C, Hilton Chicago, 2nd Floor
Having a vibrant, user-friendly Web presence-via your own website (supplementing a publisher's and/or employer's page for you), blogging, Facebook, and other social media-has become a key asset for engaging readers and students, being part of the conversation, and expanding interest in your work. Learn how to create an appealing, fun-to-click site that best represents your books and passions, what resources and social media contact that readers most appreciate, and what pitfalls to avoid.


David Galef

Friday 2 - 2:30 p.m. Signing at Dzanc Books table


Friday 7-10 p.m. Beautiful, Words a reading at The Beauty Bar, 1444 W. Chicago Avenue

Multi-publisher (including OV Books) sponsored reading with music, readings and more


Eugene Cross

Thursday 8-11 p.m. 

Book release/reading at Sheffield's Bar w/Chad Simpson and Jensen Beach

3258 N. Sheffield Avenue


Thursday 7 p.m.

Reading sponsored by Joyland and Dzanc Books Quimby's Bookstore 1854 W. North Street w/Jeff Parker, Kevin Chong and Megan Stielstra


Black Lawrence Press Reading (with Devil's Lake)

Location: Salud Tequila Lounge
Cost: FREE
Please join Devil's Lake and Black Lawrence Press for a great night at our co-hosted reading! We're proud to feature: Mary Biddinger, Jon Chopan, Lisa Fay Coutley, Brent Goodman, Casey Thayer, and Joe Wilkins. Come early to partake in the open bar.  


Matt Bell will be manning the Dzanc table with help from Disquiet's Jeff Parker and Laura Breitenbeck and hopefully others.


The above should give you PLENTY to find to do while in Chicago--hope you all have a blast!



Dan Wickett
EWN /Dzanc Books
Dzanc rEprint Series

Publishing Perspectives recently did a nice, in-depth, piece on the Dzanc rEprint Series. They did a nice job capturing the essence of the series and explaining it--well worth a read.

Reminder--if you are an author, an agent, a literary journal or a publishing house and you believe your books would be a good fit with Dzanc Books in our rEprint Series, or, in the case of journals and publishing houses, are interested in having Dzanc Books aid you with converting and distributing your issues and/or titles as eBooks, please email us.

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