Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Are ANGELS Real? by Author, Gaetano Vivo

Today is the day to get this sensitive and uplifting book!

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TODAY March 20th, 2012 is the official Amazon launch of a very special book by author and Reiki Master, Gaetano Vivo. 
The book is called Messages from the Angels of Transparency; Powerful words from Gentle Souls. It is the culmination of decades of Gaetano's deep listening, inner healing, meditation, and channelled messages from angels and spirit guides. 
Gaetno has been a channeler since he was a little boy. As an adult, he became one of Europe's most well-known and sought-after Reiki Masters. Over the past few years, as we approached what many have called "the dawn of a new era", the messages Gaetano began to receive from the angels shifted from those of a personal nature, to a more universal one, that all humanity was meant to hear. These new messengers revealed themselves to him as "The Angels of Transparency". 
The Angels of Transparency spoke were about unity, love, openness and acceptance. They spoke about connection between all living beings. They spoke about how Transparency can open the doorway to hope and healing at a global level. 
Their powerful words are truly messages for our times. 
Originally published in Italian, the book was a widespread bestseller in Gaetano's homeland. Now, a brand new English translation of Message from the Angels of Transparency, published by Axis Mundi (a division of O-Books), is having its official Amazon launch on Tuesday March 20th, 2012. 
You can pick up your copy of 
Messages from the Angels of Transparency 
in either paperback or Kindle at:
PLUS...You can also receive some beautiful fr*ee gifts when you buy the book during the launch:
3 MP3 downloads (over 4 hours of audio) from the Accessing Higher Dimensions Telesummit with 11 international speakers talking about higher dimensional healing, higher dimensional realms, and higher dimensional consciousness.
A FR*EE ONLINE CLASS from Gaetano where he will PERSONALLY take you through an "Inner Child Meditation" exercise. 
Dozens of FR*EE gifts from Gaetano's friends and colleagues, including one from me: 
I am giving away two chapters of my book 
The Healers Almanac, Journey into Health with Wisdom from the 21st Century Goddesses.
EXTRA BONUS: If you by 6 or more copies of Messages from the Angels of Transparency, Gaetano would also like to send you a copy of his Meditations CD. This is NOT a download, but an actual 10-track CD for clearing chakras and karma.
Get Your Copy of Messages from the Angels of Transparency
and Claim Your Gifts on March 20th at: 
Thanks for giving this book your consideration. If you like angels and reiki, you will love this book from Gaetano.
Be well,

12890 Nathaline, Redford, MI 48239, USA

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