Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[New post] Revised Book Cover via @waltshiel

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Revised Book Cover

by Walt Shiel

We originally released my World War I historical novel, Once A Knight, with a quickly done cover because I honestly did not know what to expect regarding sales. Well, it's been doing far better than I had hoped. So, we now have a new cover that is in the process of propagating through all the various systems.
Once A Knight revised cover

The artwork, as always, was done as an original oil-on-canvas painting by my wife Kerrie, a professional artist who has done artwork for a lot of book covers over the past eight years. I love this one. The image really captures a key element of the book.

Kerrie also did the artwork for the original cover, but that was done to my specifications, which means its failings are mine not hers. Here's the original for comparison.

Once a Knight book cover

I expect to see the new cover on all the online sites very soon. I really love it; it's so much better than this original one and also showcases her artistic talent!

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