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New Books

The Guardians by Casalino, TaraThe Guardians begins in an inn where Rafe and his companions await an earl who has hired them to get to the bottom of a mystery. Rafe and his friends are Guardians, humans chosen to have special skills and powers to protect the world. But when the earl enters the inn with a mysterious woman named Ashera, Rafe realizes the game is about to change because Ashera can sense right away that they are more than human, and they equally realize she is...perhaps part of the Griffin race, believed extinct until now.

The Guardians' origins, and the mysterious origin of Ashera, which even she cannot explain, take the reader back in time to the very beginnings of Casalino's fantasy world as the story of its creation and how dark forces entered the world are told, and within that story lie the seeds for the evil the Guardians are now called upon to fight.

To read more, visit The Guardians.

Building an Amazing Career by Jodene HagerFrom the first page of Building an Amazing Career, I was hooked because I fully knew where author Jodene Hager was coming from when she began with her optimistic words:

"In school, the future was looking so bright. The doors would swing open, the clients would come running, and I would finally reach a stage of having enough in my life. My teachers had said something about how important networking was, but I didn't quite get what that really meant. I couldn't wait to graduate and get my license to practice."

I could relate to Jody's optimism and the reality that hit her upon graduation. Early in her career, Jodene realized there needed to be support groups for healthcare professionals, so she promised herself that once she had the experience she needed, she would build them. No matter whether you're in healthcare or not, this book is full of information that will benefit you in building an amazing career and Jodene's personal stories will resonate with you while giving you tips to improve your professional life.

To read more, visit Building an Amazing Career.

A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You by Robert Luna and Jeremy KisnerI've read several books about investing, but many of my questions have never been answered by them. What I love about A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You… is that the authors Robert Luna and Jeremy Kisner ask many of the questions I've always had and then provide clear and insightful answers. And I didn't expect this book to tell me that some of the answers I thought I already had were not necessarily correct, or as simple as I thought.

Kisner and Luna have years of experience between them, from working on Wall Street to operating their own investment firms. They are experts at helping people who are good at accumulating but maybe not managing their assets. Beyond "what not to do," Kisner and Luna offer practical advice about the problems with investing only for safety, trying to live off the interest without touching the principal, and where investors go wrong when trying to play and beat the market.

To read more, visit A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You.

Simple Faith by Bo LangeIn Simple Faith, Bo Lange has written a simple book about faith and biblical Christianity. A native of Sweden, he wrote this book while living in his own country and being concerned about the growing trend of secularism there. After now living in the United States, Lange sees a similar issue here so he has translated this book into English to provide a message he feels needs to be heard.

In a time when many are turning to secularism because they are "turned off" by organized religion, Lange encourages his readers to go back to look at the Bible and the Christianity that first came from it. He is not interested in organized religion but the true Christian faith the Bible teaches. With plenty of biblical support, Lange makes his arguments for the truth of the Bible and Christ as the Messiah and Savior.

To read more, visit Simple Faith.

More Confessions of a Trauma Junkie bu Sherry Jones MayoWe've all seen the television programs of EMTs, paramedics, nurses, and doctors racing patients into the emergency room to save their lives. Those depictions are usually heroic, and occasionally, they show a quirky patient, or the exhaustion felt by the workers. But how true are those depictions?

Sherry Jones Mayo knows about these situations from real-life, and she writes about them honestly, simply, and always humorously. She is the rare person who can find humor in almost any situation, and I suspect her sense of humor, which must spring from a very deep and caring soul with an unimaginable endurance, is what keeps her going on twelve and twenty-four hour shifts in a quest to help people who cannot help themselves, to save lives, and to receive nowhere near the appreciation she deserves.

To read more, visit More Confessions of a Trauma Junkie.

Tyler's Tips

Welcome to Issue 28 of the SUPERIOR BOOK PROMOTIONS newsletter!

Tyler Tichelaar, Ph.D. President of Superior Book Promotions and award-winning author of The Marquette Trilogy, My Marquette, Authors Access, and King Arthur's Children.Spirit of the North: a paranormal romance by Tyler R. TichelaarTyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., President of Superior Book Promotions and award-winning author of The Marquette Trilogy, My Marquette, Narrow Lives, and King Arthur's Children.

Spirit of the North: a paranormal romance, my sixth novel, is on sale now. Check it out at Marquette Fiction!

I hope you are all enjoying the summer, and if you are looking for a great summer read, that you will find one here.

My new novel Spirit of the North: a paranormal romance is receiving great reviews and publicity. Readers are telling me it is their favorite of all my books, and they love that many of the characters from my first book Iron Pioneers reappear in it. Here are some of the reviews and interviews I've done recently:

If you don't have a copy of Spirit of the North yet, you can get one at my websiteMarquette Fiction (links are provided there to e-book versions), or you can find me this summer at:

Waterpalooza, a Lake Superior Day Celebration, Mattson Lower Harbor Park on Sun. July 15th from 11-8.

Outback Art Fair at Picnic Rocks in Marquette, Michigan on Sat. July 28th from 10-6 and Sun. July 29th from 11-4.

Art on the Lake in Curtis, Michigan at the Erickson Center on Sat., September 1st
from 10-5.

And if you feel lucky, you can also try to win a copy of Spirit of North by signing up for the July Reader Views Book Giveaway.

Thank you for reading and have a great summer filled with books!

Tyler R. Tichelaar

Thank you for reading the Superior Book Promotions newsletter!

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