Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Halloween from As The Page Turns #bookseller #michigan

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Happy Halloween from As The Page Turns
Dear Ghouls and Goblins:
t is that time again to get our spookiest or most ghoulish costumes out for parties. The kids will be going to businesses to obtain treats or coming door to door or having parties at home or schools, visiting recreation centers, and/or malls for treats. Halloween has a long and storied past. 
Go to our website to see what is coming. There are several celebrations in October including Yom Kippur and Diwali. We are sending this early so we can enjoy every day of the month.
The book, Even Monsters Need Haircuts by Matthew McElligott is worth a read. A Trilogy for ages 8-12 to read is Blackbeard by Audrey Penn. New books coming this month include Little Man by Dionne Warwick and Baby Let it Snow: I'll Be Home For Christmas by Beverly Jenkins. Pass our newsletter on to others. This could be an electronic treat for them :)
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