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November Events at Schuler Books & Music, Eastwood

Schuler Books & Music | 2820 Towne Center Blvd. | Lansing | MI | 48912

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Donia Bijan

Girls' Night Out presents award-winning chef and author Donia Bijan, Maman's Homesick Pie


For Donia Bijan's family, food has been the language they use to tell their stories and to communicate their love. In 1978, when the Islamic revolution in Iran threatened their safety, they fled to California's Bay Area, where the familiar flavors of Bijan's mother's cooking formed a bridge to the life they left behind. Now, through the prism of food, award-winning chef Donia Bijan unwinds her own story, finding that at the heart of it all is her mother, whose love and support enabled Bijan to realize her dreams.

Maman's Homesick Pie is an eloquent, heartfelt memoir, interspersed with thirty inspired recipes taken from Bijan's Iranian childhood, her French training and her cooking career. Don't miss an event that sure to be stirring to both the heart and the stomach!


Tuesday, November 01 @ 7:00pm 


Girls' Night Out welcomes back NYT-bestselling author Jennifer Chiaverini


Join us in celebrating the return of Jennifer Chiaverini, author of the bestselling Elm Creek Quilts series! With eleven NYT-bestsellers to her credit, Chiaverini brought a new twist to her series, asking her fans to cast "votes" on the genders of twins soon to be born to a principal of the series, by creating quilt blocks, in red fabrics, for two girls; blue fabrics, for two boys; purple, for a boy and a girl. The expectant mother is Sarah McClure, whom readers first met as a newlywed and novice quilter. The Wedding Quilt opens as the twins, James and Caroline, are ready to embark on adult lives of their own, beginning with Caroline's wedding, to be held at Elm Creek Manor. When Caroline confides in her mother-"I wish I had a wedding quilt, one I made myself"-Sarah is transported back to her own days as a bride who never had a wedding quilt of her own. Don't miss this fantastic event!


Thursday, November 03 @ 7:00pm

Colleen Deatsman 

Mason Shaman, Teacher and Author Colleen Deatsman presents The Hollow Bone


Shamanism is the oldest living path of spirituality and healing, dating back tens of thousands of years, yet many people don't know what it is or are confused about the practice. Meet local author Colleen Deatsman as she discusses her book The Hollow Bone, which unveils the mysterious world of Shamanism as it is still practiced today all around the world. In it, Deatsman explains that shamanism is not a religion with a doctrine, dogma, or holy book. Rather, it is a spirituality rooted in the idea that all matter has consciousness and that accessing the spirit in all things is part of what keeps the world in balance and individuals healed and whole.


Monday, November 07 @ 7:00pm


Faye MoskowitzSchuler Books & the MSU Jewish Studies dept. present a talk with Faye Moskowitz

Join us for "Jewish Families in Fiction and Autobiography" an author talk presented in partnership with the Michigan State University Jewish Studies department, with Faye Moskowitz, Professor of English at George Washington University and author of Peace in the House: Tales from a Yiddish Kitchen. From her first book, the highly acclaimed A Leak in the Heart, the stories of Faye Moskowitz have observed a particular and mostly forgotten terrain of American life: the world of the second-generation Jew. The conversation, moderated by MSU professor Steven Weiland will focus on Peace in the House, an achingly painful and funny collection about growing up female, Jewish, and smart.


Thursday, November 10 @ 7:00pm

Gig PostersGig Posters Volume 2 Release Party featuring music by Frank and Earnest!


We're celebrating the release of Gig Posters Volume Two, featuring work by local artist and graphic designer (and all around great guy) Craig "No Sleep" Horky! Lansing band Frank and Earnest will play a set and Craig will sign copies of the book, an incredible showcase of today's most talented designers that includes 101 perforated and ready-to-hang concert posters along with hundreds of other poster images and designer biographies.


Monday, November 14 @ 7:00pm 

Barbara OakleyCafé Scientifique: Professor Barbara Oakley presents Cold-Blooded Kindness-Insights into Pathological Altruism


Many humans feel empathy and altruism for others-this has been the subject of significant research in the past decade. But not everyone is empathetic or altruistic, and not every situation is one that empathetic caring can heal. In fact, our own feelings of empathy and caring can be turned against us-used as tools to further another's self- serving tendencies, or drawing us inextricably into another's pain. Join us as professor Barbara Oakley uses engineering concepts of root cause analysis and optimization, as well as insights from neuroscience, to examine the dark side of empathy and altruism-a side we ignore at our peril if we truly want to help others.


Tuesday, November 15 @ 7:00pm 

Schuler presents the first meeting of the Girl Scout Book Club!


Love to read? Love to talk? Love to get together with friends at the mall? Join the Girl Scout Book Club, open to all girls in the Lansing area, grades 6-8. Already a registered Girl Scout? Excellent! Still need to register? No problem, we'll help get you started.


Join your friends every third Wednesday from October - May. Help choose the books that interest you and be a voice in the topics that matter. Also, enjoy all of the perks that being a Girl Scout offers like Camp and the Cookie Program. 


Wednesday, November 16 @ 6:30pm  

E-book and Tech Talk


Planning on giving or receiving an E-reader this holiday season? Looking for some straight info about purchasing and reading E-books? Attend our tech talk for a one-on-one jargon-free breakdown of how to buy E-books from and how to read them on your device. Be it E-reader, Ipad or Smart Phone, we've got you covered. 


Saturday, November 19 @ 1:00pm

Fanged Fiction Book Group Meeting

This month the Schuler horror reading group is looking at Four and Twenty Blackbirds by Cherie Priest. Each monthly selection is 20% off.

Tuesday, November 29 @ 7:00pm

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