Friday, February 24, 2012

God of Carnage closes on Sunday! More from Dead Man's Shoes! via Performance Network Theatre @pntheatre

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God of Carnage ends Sunday!


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Last words for God of Carnage
Thank you to the thousands of God of Carnagepatrons who joined us for this knock down, drag out comedy! We hope you had as much fun watching it as we had doing it!

Only four performances remain, and then it's gone for good!

This week's schedule
 Tonight, 7:30
Friday, 8pm
Saturday, 8pm
Sunday at 2pm

Reserve now.

More reviews for Dead Man's Shoes   

Our co-production of Dead
Dead Man's ShoesMan's Shoes will be closing at Williamston Theatre this weekend, and will begin on our stage on March 8!

Below is one more review of the production, directed by our own Artistic Director, David Wolber!

More reviews will come when it opens in Ann Arbor and we'll keep sending them your way!

"Viewers should brace themselves to burst out laughing from the very edge of their seats, to recoil and thrill in quick succession, and to get swept up in a first-rate story that nevertheless demands nothing of its audience but to enjoy." - The Rogue Critic 

Tickets available now.

 What Corbin Knew begins Feb. 28
So, what is the relationship between PENNY SEATSPerformance Network and Penny Seats, the company that is producing What Corbin Knew? We'll let them tell you.

"Performance Network is essentially acting as an incubator for our company this winter.  They have loaned us space, props, set, and costume pieces, have treated us like family, and have defrayed many of the expenses we would typically pay for this show. We couldn't ask for a greater mentor, or more substantial help as we grow" said Penny Seats President, Lauren London.

We're happy to have you, Penny Seats!

P.S. Read Carla's weekly column for the low down on our second space, affectionately termed "The Mosh Pit." 
All tickets are just $10.

Performance Network Theatre | 120 East Huron | Ann Arbor | MI | 48104

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