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In-store news and happenin's... from Saturn Booksellers #michlit

Saturn Booksellers'

Big happenin's in the store....

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Soup Samplin' Saturdays and Free Coffee Sundays...

Shoppin' at Saturn on Sundays is kinda 'clubby' - the same folks tend to be out and about, spending time with their families and hangin' out picking out their reads for the week at the bookstore.  So we figured we'd fuel the fun with free coffee from the Coffee Cabin on Sundays.  Join  the club - we're open every Sunday from 11-4.

And while we were at it, we thought it'd be fun to sample our great Wilde Thyme soup mixes on selected Saturdays - and we started this last week. Yum!

Media Mail Shipping from to any state in the continental U.S. is 
JUST 99CENTS ! matter how much you order...99CENTS !

Finally - we've rescheduled the Writing Workshop with Saturn fav Katrina Kittle!

Click the link, above, for all of the details or to register yourself for this great opportunity to study with a master!

I hope you are enjoying the Shelf Awareness for Avid Readers email that we're sponsoring for you each Tues. and Fri.  It's jam packed full of new-title info to help make picking the next great read a little easier if you can't make it in to talk to us in person!
If you are finding that it's just too many emails, you can unsubscribe to JUST THOSE emails - simply by clicking 'unsubscribe' ON YOUR NEXT SHELF AWARENESS EMAIL. (Of course, we hope you're enjoying all the great info, but want you to know that unsubscribing to the Shelf Awareness newsletters will NOT take you off of the list for THIS newsletter - it's separate!)

That'll do me for today, folks.  As always, your amazing loyalty to our little shop is what keeps us going - both emotionally and literally... you rock!



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I spent last week at the giant Toy Fair in NYC.  In order to give you an idea of just how huge this thing is, let me tell you that on the first day I arrived at 7:30 am, it closed at 6pm, and I hadn't made it half way through all of the booths!

Sometime during the first day I texted my four globe-trottin', studious kids to say that toys are soooo fun and cute and I was thinkin' I probably needed grandkids sometime.  I immediately got back texts nominating eacb other to have babies, and a warning to never say that - ever - again. Haha.  So... I figured the way to get my toy fix was just to order what I loved for the store, and boy did I have no problem doing that!
Over the next weeks and months you'll see new toys and games for everyone from newborns (awwww - baby stuff is super adorable!) to, well, kids who are my age! (Case in point, I definitely will find a bow that shoots mini-marshmallows in my Easter basket this year...who wouldn't want one of those??!)  There will be things for every budget, too, from quick pick-me-ups for Easter baskets and spring break trips to birthday and shower gifts for those very special someones. 
A couple of highlights:
A rocker for toddlers that flips to become a scooter
The softest bunny/blankies you've ever touched
Construction utensils and construction site plate
Environmentally-friendly wooden teethers and toys
Afore-mentioned marshmallow shooters
Jumpropes, skippers, balls, stilts...
Fairy dust
etc., etc.
As always, it comes and it goes - quickly.  The last thing we want to do is tell you that the cutest stuffed animal in the world was here - yesterday! Unlike books, which I order and receive every day, 'stuff' comes in bulk and usually can't be re-ordered individually, so just put us on your route!  If you are one of our friends 'from away' - remember that you can check out our toys and games and gifts on our website, by clicking here and choosing what category you want to see.  Plus, we're always just an email or phone call away if you have questions! or 989-732-8899... 

The remodel is complete (finally!)...
My thanks to the many, many fine and professional tradespeople who helped to reshape, repaint and otherwise revamp Saturn over the last several months.  As always, it was a pleasure 'shopping locally' with you!
Besides a peppy new exterior, we now have a fully-enclosed meeting space upstairs complete with its own bathroom, several worktables and lots of folding and some padded chairs.  This is where we hold our author and workshop events, but when it's not in use, it is now available to groups or individuals for a nominal fee. Since the space is accessible from its own doorway on Main St., attendees no longer need to enter and exit through the bookstore after hours.  We've already had several classes held up there, and are booking now for future months.  Just call me at the bookstore if you are interested.

On my trip I read:wallflower  lola quartet next right thing
The hilarious upcoming novel by our friend Claire Cook, Wallflower in Bloom.  Watch for it in May, and be prepared for classic Claire dysfunction.  If you don't find yourself crying laughing and snorting Diet Pepsi out of your nose when you read the third chapter, we're gonna need to talk, honey...

Emily St. John Mandel's next mystery, The Lola Quartet, also coming in May.  This one is about a disparate group, bound together by a high school music quartet, racing to find and save each other in a complex, interwoven tale that only Emily could write. (You'll remember that she was to sign The Singer's Gun at the store several years ago, and a delayed flight cancelled her event...)  

These two books are a little too far out yet to pre-order on our site, but you CAN pre-order your copies by calling us at 989-732-8899 or emailing us at

A novel by Dan Barden - a professor at Butler, my alma mater.  The Next Right Thing is, well... is 'noir-recovery mystery' a genre?
When a popular AA sponsor is found dead of an apparent overdose in a seedy hotel room, his fellow recovering addicts are loathe to believe that all is what it seems. Click here to pre-order your copy now.

...and today I'm starting: anatomy of murder
  Imogen Robertson's new mystery (and this one IS out - it came out this week),
Anatomy of Murder.  
Robertson's first novel, Instruments of Darkness, was called 'CSI: Georgian England' by the New York Times Review of Books, and reminded me of Ariana Franklin's mysteries that we all like so much. This one also features the unlikely crime-solving duo of Harriet Westerman and Gabriel Crowther, and I'm already sucked right in to their adventure...Click here to order yours today.

Saturn Booksellers | 133 W. Main St. | Gaylord | MI | 49735

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