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THEATER: God of Carnage Extended through Feb. 26! VIA Newsletter

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God of Carnage Extended
through February 26!


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Listen up!
God of Carnage
must close February 26

God of Carnage

Due to demand, we're extending God of Carnage for just one week, at which time it must close to make way for Dead Man's Shoes (see below for more on that show).

This week's schedule
Tonight, 7:30 - $27/$29
Friday, 8pm - $32/$34
Saturday, 3pm - $25/$27 BEST VALUE!
Saturday, 8pm - $39/$41
Sunday, 2pm - $32/$34

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Fireside Festival of New Works
begins Sunday!


Sunday, February 12, 7pm
Bronzeville Gold, by Anetria Cole
When Willie Jenkins, a young African American sharecropper, meets a street numbers runner from south side Chicago named Cleveland, Willie jumps on what he feels is his only escape from the south. Will he walk on "streets of gold"? Is Bronzeville really the land flowing with milk and honey? Or is it all just a dream?

Monday, February 13, 7pm
Lines, by Jeffrey Allen Steiger  

Sara, a new university grievance investigator, is assigned a case that proves to be far more complicated than it appears. When a professor with a very unique expertise is accused of sexual harassment, tables turn as the investigation becomes less about "he said/she said," and more about Sara. 


Tuesday, February 14, 7pm
Look Away, by Robert Ford
After being accused of raping two white women, black teenagers Matty and Alonzo flee to a plantation home to escape a growing lynch mob. Convinced that the home's sympathetic owners will help them avert danger, these cautious but hopeful boys revisit their past and plan their future as they await the morning sun that will bring with it their fate. 


Wednesday, February 15, 7pm
Brill, by David Wells with music by Frank Allison
Set in Manhattan's Brill Building during the summer of 1959, an aging Tin Pan Alley songwriter is forced to confront the inevitability of rock and roll when a young woman -- with a guitar and aspirations of her own -- shares his office.

 Tickets available now.

Children's Theatre Network
The Fisherman and His Wife 

Saturday, February 18, 1pm
Kids - $7, adults - $10The Fisherman  

This musical, based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, incorporates lively songs and likable characters to teach that satisfaction with yourself is the most precious commodity of all. Arthur and Zelda have a simple, happy life. But when Mamie the Mermaid gets tangled in Arthur's fishing line, he must choose his wishes carefully!

The performance will be followed by a complimentary milk & cookies reception.

Tickets available now.

Dead Man's Shoes Reviews 

Dead Man's Shoes by Joseph Zettelmaier comes to PNT in March, after its co-production run in Williamston.

Dead Man's Shoes "Surely, this will be one of the best of the season, with performances that are equally memorable." - Encore Michigan

"director David Wolber strikes the perfect balance of suspense and humor, reintroducing classic thriller elements as soon as you've let down your guard" - Lansing City Pulse

"It's an old-time western with contemporary sensibilities, and the journey that it recounts is well worth the taking."  - New Monitor

"there is just something about [Drew] Parker that makes you want to watch more" - Lansing Online News

Tickets available now.

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