Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How To Date With Your Clothes On - from best-selling author Ty Adams

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The highly anticipated new release from best-selling author, Ty Adams

How To Date With Your Clothes On

- Determine if someone is worth dating in 3 dates or less
- Discover the hidden secrets to establishing real love
- Avoid the most destructive dating habits and mistakes
- Avoid developing soul ties with the wrong person
- Avoid loneliness traps
- Break the cycle of toxic & dead end relationships
- Learn how to set boundaries that protect you
- Learn what to do until love finds you
- Learn how to deal with sexual temptation
- Find out what to do when it gets too hot to handle
- Find out what to do if you've already messed up
- Grow in an intimate relationship while maintaining sexual purity


Ty Adams, the best-selling author of Single, Saved, & Having Sex, is a leading sex advisor, TV personality,
and international speaker that has led singles workshops and seminars worldwide. Ty is the co-founder
and president of Girls Gone and The Real Housewives Of The Bible.
Her highly celebrated advice column and TV show can be viewed at

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