Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Remember Me? from Michigan Author, William Creed #michlit

I hope you haven't forgotten me.  I am the author of the books COMES THE END, THE GATHERING, and THE PROMISE.  I have a new release out, FAITH: GOD'S GIFT.  It is a nonfiction book about the gift of faith which God has so graciously given us. Here is a piece of what is on AMAZON about the book:
"Creed takes the reader on an inspiring and soul-thrilling journey into the world of faith. He reveals the real reasons for humanity's long battle between the logic of our mind versus the faith of our soul. He will astound many as he declares who will go to heaven. Other subjects discussed are: Bright Faith versus Dark Faith; the purpose of the Millennium: the secret past of our souls; and the great war in heaven and now upon the earth."
Here is the direct link to the book if you want to take a look
Thank you for your past support.  God Bless
Bill Creed
Author  of: Comes The End, The Gathering, The Promise
Author: Faith: God's Gift
Semi-Finalist Kairos Screenplay Competition


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