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  July 28, 2011  

THURSDAY JULY 28th, 2011
As the largest art contest on earth, ArtPrize has given ordinary people a chance to have their voice heard, and unknown artists the chance of a lifetime. In an interview with ArtServe Michigan, ArtPrize Executive Director Catherine Creamer offers insight into the how and why and inspiration for becoming a part of the homegrown phenomena that is ArtPrize....

07/28 Reflections: High polished stainless...

07/28 Barely there (part one): Summer...

07/28 New Works Art Show By Dennis Bruce...

07/28 Sweet Summer Art Exhibition

07/28 12 Steps to great story telling workshop

07/28 Latin Dance Group Class: Cha Cha &...

07/28 Summer Vocal Academy of music

07/28 Captain America 70th Anniversary Exhibit

07/28 Oaken Transformations First Anniversary...

07/28 Take it From The Top - East Lansing

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outside the wire
THURSDAY JULY 28th, 2011
"I wasn't prepared for that kind of poverty.  Even so, in this war-torn country with mud huts and a lack of sanitary conditions, where there's always the chance you can step on an explosive device left by a terrorist -- children smile and play just like all kids around the world." - Anthony Hornus, producer of "Outside the Wire"...

rabbit island
THURSDAY JULY 28th, 2011
For physician and Michigan native Rob Gorski buying an island on Craigslist was the ultimate way to reconnect to his Upper Peninsula memories, keep the developers from destroying the natural habitat and combine his love of conservation and creativity...

sculpting objects, shaping artists
THURSDAY JULY 28th, 2011
"If we artists work together as a community, not as competitors, our work will be better appreciated by the general public and our value will be established," says Richard Gage...

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