Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet The Interior Coach Tuesday Night from @Leon & Lulu #michlit #bookstore

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Darlene Rothman, The Interior Coach

Tuesday, August 2nd



Join us for an evening with designer and color expert Darlene Rothman. She will show you how to make your home sparkle with new hues and interesting accents, ideas for the holidays, give you hints for accessorizing your home with flair and share tips for choosing paint and interior colors. Get a head start on fall with this colorful

Bedroom Vignette

Sunroom Vignette

presentation.  Bring your questions and a friend..

or two..

or six.


Refreshments and party favors await

More about Darlene 

Featured Artist: Houston Llew Spiritiles 

Spiritiles: Brilliant Ride
Brilliant Ride

One of our favorite artists, and not just because he sends treats at Christmas and works with his mom, Wanda, Houston's work is truly magical.


Spiritiles easily hang on a wall or stand alone, capturing the Spirit of the Enlightened Moment.The imagery is created by hand in Atlanta, Georgia with colored glass, kiln fired to copper. 100% American Made. All the raw materials of Spiritiles are made in USA: the glass comes from the Southeast and the copper comes from the Southwest.  



See the extensive collection here at Leon & Lulu or visit our online store. There is a Spiritile for every important occasion.

We Got Blood! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in our July Blood Drive! We collected 34 pints of blood, blowing our goal of 23 out of the water. Next time we promise that there will be more help and we will not have to turn any donors away. Blood Drive July 27



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